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As a TOP 50 Instructor, I have worked with 2004 British Open Champion Todd Hamilton, Comedian Jeff Foxworthy, NFL Legend Brett Favre, and many of the Atlanta Braves. I have traveled extensively providing corporate Golf entertainment for many of Americas Fortune 500 Companies including RJ Reynolds, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola and Ely-Lilly Pharmaceutical.MY PHILOSOPHY FOR HOW TO SWINGMany golf instructors promote a philosophy of “working with your swing”. But what if “your” swing is what causes you to play badly. What if rebuilding your swing was easy and didn’t really take very long. What if you could hit the ball farther and straighter with a new swing.Not everyone needs to start over. I see many students who have correct movement patterns that only require a little adjustment for better results. But many students need more than minor adjustments. These students need a more efficient motion and better positions in order to hit the ball better.I have a simple philosophy that allows me to work with beginners, intermediate and advanced players the same as I would with PGA / LPGA Tour players. I simply train struggling golfers to USE THE CORRECT MUSCLES FOR GOLF and to USE THEM IN THE CORRECT ORDER. If we accomplish these two goals we will be using our body in the most efficient way possible. The club can then be swung on plane with solid ball striking that causes straight and long golf shots!MY GOLF TRAINING PHILOSOPHYNow that we know how to swing we need to train in a manner that promotes this proper swing method. I’ve seen golf instruction change over the years. As an apprentice golf instructor I was encouraged to learn how to “band aid” teach. My head professional mentor preached “don’t’ try to change their swings too much…cause you don’t want to develop a reputation as a teacher who messes people up!” Shortly into my first season teaching, I encountered my first “shanker”. I told my boss, “if I don’t change his swing he’s going to keep shanking!” I decided to dig in and learn how to make changes in those students who truly need help. Over the next 10 years I developed my teaching and training style by experimenting with students who needed change. Through years and years of instructing, I believe my training methods can produce results more quickly than ever before. Lasting change that can help you hit the ball farther and straighter!I learned that you can truly change someone’s muscle firing patterns by taking the ball away and the club as well. Without the club and ball the teacher has a “clean slate” or “blank canvas” to work with. The student now has a “free mind” enabling him/her to listen and work with the teacher. I learned this by training students indoors during winter months in Illinois and New York. Using drills and muscle training with no ball hitting, I could build better, more efficient golf swings than outside hitting balls off the turf. This is when I began putting my “muscle training circuit” for golf together. I now call this circuit “The Swing Builder Program”. The circuit can also be learned using my “Step-By-Step Through The Swing Factory” video series.

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