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David "Harmonica" Miller
Milwaukee, WI 4143759895

David "Harmonica" Miller supplies 2 ways to obtain 30 minute harmonica lessons via online or in-person. The first method described is online. No travel is required! All you need to do is click on https://whereby.com/DavidJMiller

If a student is referred through this site then the initial charge is $28.34. After the first lesson, the cost is just $25.00 per half hour. You may also take lessons at https://DavidMiller.us/Lessons for the same rate at $25 per 1/2 hour.

The second method is in-person, in which you travel to a local music store for lessons. David "Harmonica" Miller may be able to secure a studio for an initial cost of $38.34 per 1/2 hour, then $35 thereafter.

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The satisfaction is in knowing my student has benefited from my lessons.

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David Miller Live Music Online Harmonica Lessons

Founded 1990

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Understanding basic theory on fifths and the relationship with harmonica positions.

Learning to identify the proper harmonica to play along with any given song.

Exploring blow/draw techniques and different ways to cup the harmonica for different effects.

  • His lessons are convenient and affordable!

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