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Nolan A
Burbank, CA 8338891110

I have several areas of expertise and i truly enjoy the art of education. I love to learn as much as I love to teach. As I teach you, I will learn too. I emphasize my education and lessons on composition and do not teach "Phone Photography."

Thanks for the opportunity! 

The passion of teaching as well as the passion of those that want to learn, especially within the creative communities. I love to teach.

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EVENT CITY Educational Division

Founded 1992

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I like to have a short conversation with my student prior to working with them for the first time. I like to get to know them and them me. Depending on the subject I am teaching will depend on the amount of time we spend in the getting-to-know-you phase. It could be anywhere from 5 minutes to a half an hour and sometimes longer. I do not charge for this part of the program. Thank you


Operated a number of successful businesses pertaining to my training:

1. A full service production company producing many large-scale events and many other projects including concessions for large events and festivals.  

2. Worked as a Food & Beverage Manager for many years and also operated a Catering company for 12 years. 

3. Photography and Filmmaking degree and worked as a professional photographer and videographer. Have experience as a DP, AD, Cinematographer, Camera Assistant and more. Studied many different specialties including Black'n'White & Color development, Spot-toning, photographic restructuring, specialty photography in Live Music and Entertainment shows, Portrait and People, wedding and special events photography, architecture, artistic, nature and wildlife, outdoor scenery, digital and negative photography with an emphasis on composition. 

4. In the world of photography one thing is certain, "Composition is Key" 


Prices range from $35 to $75 for each online lesson and $50 or more for One on One lessons plus travel expenses. I also offer my students the ability to come with me on photo shoots or photo excursions. The prices for these options vary depending on what type of Photography we are doing and for how long. 


When my photography mentor had an accident playing handball and was out of commission for several weeks I took over his class. This was a life-changing experience for me. I have chosen to teach the art of cinematography and photography on a regular basis because it is what I enjoy the most. Helping my students learn how to compose wonderful imagery is my goal! If I can do that I have accomplished Happiness!!

  • They were very fair and the instructor, Nolan A gave me more time than promised. I learned how to compose images very well in a short period of time. THANK YOU EVENT CITY!!

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