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I have been a graphic designer and musician for as long as I can remember. 

When I became a father I took great pleasure in passing on my experience and skills to my son. That eventually developed into volunteer sessions at his school, where I loved showing kids how to paint, play music and program code.

As my son, and his friends grew, I continued to share and teach out of our home. I realized how much fun I was having the more they learned.

Thus its become a life's dream to help others achieve their creative goals. To assist fellow artists to pursue their passions. 

I love experiencing the AH=HA moment when something CLICKS for the student. When they GET IT, the concept or technique I'm teaching. Once that is locked in, I see the world of opportunity that opens up in their mind. 

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We begin with a phone or text message interview, to evaluate if the student/teacher relationship will be a good fit. I try to get a feel for the artists goals and experience.

Once we commit to move forward with lessons, a schedule is created. There is no contract, lessons are paid for on the day in person, and can be terminated at any time if the student wishes.

While I can go some way to accomodate students without their own software or instrument - I can bring a laptop or a spare - I do urge every student to own the tool they are striving to learn.

Usually we start at the very beginning, and progress at a rate determined by the student. Everyone grows at their own pace. I always try to push the student to improve but ultimately take guidance from their goals. Not everyone wants to be a virtuoso.

There is usually no homework per se, but I do encourage every student to practice the techniques learned each week in their own time. Skills are gained through repetition and the student will progress at a greater rate with constant practice.


I gained a 4 year degree in London in 1987 and have over 30 years working professionally in graphic design, illustration and animation. 

I learned to play guitar at age 14 and have played every day since. In younger years I performed rock and punk in pub bands, with pyrotechnic dreams of super-stardom. After reality set in, music became a creative escape within terms I controlled.

I continue to study and learn new aspects of visual media and music production everyday.


My rates are $15 per half hour. Lessons can be tailored to each student in multiples thereof.


I started by showing my son certain artistic or musical techniques. This developed into volunteering at his school and then helping a few of my sons' classmates and friends. I have been interested in persuing a teaching career ever since.


I have mainly taught kids to this point. I love their enthusiasm and excitement. However, I am open to working with beginning or intermediate students of all ages.


Fullerton Day of Music is a local city-wide free event thats hosts bands and artists in parks, cafés and front lawns. I love that the city embraces the performing arts and hope to see it grow. I would love to see more families and neighbors performing ad hoc in residential driveways and street corners in years to come.


Talk to your potential teacher. Get a feeling for them, make a connection. A good teacher should inspire and motivate, and their should be chemistry between them. The sessions should be fun and the takeaway lessons memorable.


Be honest about your current skill level and where you want to take it. Can I help you get there from here? Are you dedicated to the learning process? Are my musical or artistic style in line with yours? Am I the best teacher for Post-Modernism or Country Slide Guitar? (The answer to that one is - no).

  • Adam really takes the time to explain not only the Bass, but the theory needed to become a good Bass player. I'm glad I choose Adam, he knows his stuff and goes out of his way to teach you what you need to know. Personable and easy going, he's the guy you want.

  • Adam is an outstanding instructor. My son Jaiden says, " he's great!" He teaches my son both Art and Music. You can tell he considers the level of skill the child has and how to help the child grow from there. He is patient, understanding, informative, and so gifted. We have had nothing but a great experience with Adam and I would highly recommend him

  • Adam's Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills are very extensive and versatile. He has always offered me the most effective teaching during my process of learning these programs. He has been great at customizing his teachings to my creative vision and workflow. Thats my favorite part about him. He is very to the point, patient and friendly. Highly recommended if you are trying to up your art game with Photoshop and Illustrator!

  • Adam is an incredible instructor that has helped me understand the guitar in ways that Youtube, books and magazines have not. He has adapted his lesson format to accommodate his students during the pandemic and his careful ways of delivering the instruction (which include professional materials he creates and sends to you via email) always made me feel like we were in the same room. He is passionate about music and teaching and will individualize the lessons that fit your skill level. I have been playing for over 20 years and Adam ALWAYS challenges and teaches me every single lesson. Adam’s timing drills have helped me figure out tablature without having to listen to the song to guide me. Adam is very flexible, understanding and an overall great dude! I absolutely cannot recommend him enough!

  • Amazing Teacher!! So happy I found him for my son!! He is so thorough in his lessons, patient with under pre-teen age!!

  • Adam is a very dedicated artist and an awesome artist instructor. My daughter loves drawing it keeps her calm and zoned into her drawings. She has gotten a lot better with her drawings and techniques. We recommend Adam to all that wants to learn to draw or sharpen your up your drawing techniques.

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