Tape and C.D. Records

Nicholas Anzivino
Brooklyn, NY 6176457015

Bio is here: http://www.gtarpe.com

Rock/pop music composer and writer.

I have played guitar and variations thereof for about 30 years. I have studied theory and have taught a number of students how to play guitar.

I have recently been a sound engineer and booker at a venue on the Lower East Side in NYC for a year and a half. I am still doing booking and door at different venues here in town and playing regularly.

-Have released over 10 records.

-Have toured multiple countries

-Have received awards for composition from The Noise, Boston and garageband.com

-facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/GTArpe

Additional website used to help out musicians with gigs and touring: http://www.tapeandcdrecords.com

I like to help out other people and help them learn and grow as musicians.

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Tape and C.D. Records

Founded 1997

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I give students a survey to find out exactly what they are looking to learn before I teach them.


1 year of music theory at Valley State University, North Dakota.


30$ per hour/20$ per half hour.


From playing music and helping out other people into music.


Mostly new guitarists.


I saw Calvin Johnson of K Records perform last night. He has always been an inspiration for me as a successful independent musician.


I am into looking at the guitar in unconventional ways, but I know a lot about how to do chords, scales, playing by ear and composing as well.


You need to have a guitar.

You need to put the time in and practice regularly. The more you practice, the better you will get obviously.


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