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As a composer of music, I teach with the goal of enabling a student to express, learning to feel rhythm and sing pitch, not only to read music, but also to become inventive. To invent, you need a good foundation of playing technique and a level of comfort with the instrument. I utilize basic classical technique when teaching PIANO AND GUITAR, yet I encourage playing of popular as well as classical songs.

I teach piano to 5 year olds and older, and guitar to children entering 3rd grade and older. I teach acoustic guitar; note reading and playing, quickly learning and using simple chords to play known songs, often of the student’s choosing. As possible I encourage playing and singing songs, and for advancing students, finger style solo playing (in which guitarist plays the tune in the midst of the accompaniment). Piano lessons begin with hand exercises, finger number and rhythmic notations, simple note reading, simple folk and popular tunes (also trying to develop singing while playing skills). As students advance we add classical music to the mix; piano students are always encouraged to play popular songs (for self expression and sharing with others) and classical to sharpen skills and enjoy the beauty of many different musical styles.

I charge $25 for 30 minute individual lesson. It’s requested that a parent sit in on each lesson, to engage and enable the parent to help supervise practice sessions during the week. I sometimes teach siblings in a shared 30 or 45 minute lesson.

Check out my website: for background and references. Contact Aaron at: 480-407-8560


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Farokh E.

Very Knowledgeable instructor. Flexible and caring.
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August 24, 2018


Summer K.

At the age of five, our twins started piano lessons with Aaron Spector. The attention to detail Aaron has given at each lesson has been invaluable. Aside from learning notes and theory, there are numerous other facets of music which our children have been able to explore such as technique, the art of phrasing, both ear training and sight reading, solfege and rhythmic exercises, among others. Aaron occasionally may introduce and play other instruments so they become familiar with various instruments and their unique sounds.
Aaron Spectors approach to teaching is designed not only to develop skill, but also to help stimulate expression and artistry in the realm of music. In less than one year our children have advanced far greater than we anticipated and we feel privileged to have found such a fine piano instructor.
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August 15, 2018


Stephanie C.

My 7 year old daughter has been taking eukelele lessons with Aaron for around 3 months now. So far it has been a great experience. Aaron has a wealth of experience and is very passionate about teaching. He is extremely accommodating with scheduling and has been a pleasure to work with.
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August 07, 2018


Rafael S.

Aaron is patient with our son (11 yrs old Guitar Lessons). Aaron is flexible and understanding with our busy schedule and we have the impression that he has a genuine interest in teaching him how to play, but also show him an appreciation for music. He also has the experience to teach young kids and was savvy enough to know when to change up the weekly lesson to keep our sons interest.
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August 06, 2018


Julia G.

My 3 children (10,8,6 years old) have been taking lessons in piano and violin for the last 2.5 years with Aaron and I would definitely recommend him to all of my friends. When I compare the pace that is set to other friends with children in music I’m amazed by the progress that my kids have achieved! They are taught not only to play the music, but to understand the rythmn and tone of the song and play it in a way that expresses the meaning behind the song. They’re taught to sing in key and practice pitch matching when they don’t naturally have this skill. I also appreciate that epectations are consistant from lesson to lesson, which helps me hold my children accountable! If you want your child to just tinker and casually play, this is not the instructor for you but if you want to set a solid foundation and for your child to grow to really understand music at a deep, fulfilling level that could be transitioned to any other instrument, then Aaron will not disappoint!!
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August 06, 2018

Frequently asked questions

At our first lesson I evaluate the student's level of previous learning (if any), and decide on an approach that will engage the student and help bring them success. 

10 years Third Street Music Settlement in Manhattan New York beginning at 5 years old, studing classical piano and music theory. Trumpet lessons from the age of 10 in band and orchestra-then with private teachers, 3 years as a performing union musician in New York. I attended workshops for Orff/Kodaly training provided by master teachers for years in Phoenix Arizona, and studied 6 other instruments with private teachers over the course of more than 20 years. I've been teaching music in schools and privately for the past 38 years. 

$25. for 30 minute individual lesson. I always ask a parent to sit in to improve chances for good practice sessions during the week. Often I teach siblings in a combined 45 minute or 1 hour lesson, costing $45./ $60. respectively.

After working as a performing musician, I realized I enjoyed sharing my love of music with students more than with an audience. I spent years working in child care centers and private kindergartens while also teaching piano lessons. Gradually I expanded my teaching to lower and upper elementary age, spent several years learning to play several band instruments and now I teach children from 1 year old (we have active sing alongs), Kindergarten- 2nd grade Orff/Kodaly style program and recorder lessons,  through 3rd- 6th grade band in 2 local schools. I also have approximately 20 private students studying piano, guitar and ukulele. 

All ages including adults and those with developmental challenges. 

2018 recital in Chandler AZ. (see the picture I'm using in my profile).

Check the teacher out through friends or reviews. Visit and observe-can this teacher advance my ability to play music, does this teacher help me to learn. 

Without some regular and concentrated practice sessions during the week, lessons will not bring the desired result. Figure 3 or 4 sessions lasting at least 20 minutes per week-not my rule, but for sure my experience as a musician. Anything you want to learn will take time-make sure you devote some time and I urge you to consider that time to be fun not work. 

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