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Offers online services
Offers online services


It's all about YOU! What problem do YOU need to SOLVE?

Let's find the most effective way to Solve Your Problem! I am here to assist you in finding possible solutions and work on immediate IMPLEMENTATION - the only way to GROW and CHANGE your situation.

A bit about my history:

I have been a life coach since 2013. The study of yoga & meditation, holistic nutrition and my time spent in India and Bali as well as the process of my own amicable divorce in 2017 have given me and even deeper perspective and broader range of modalities to share with my clients.

Using both scientific principles of how the brain functions as well as holistic & spiritual approach, combined with my knowldge about yoga, meditation and holistic nutrition I am able to help you find practical solutions and guidance to distressing or possibly traumatic situation like:

- divorce/bad-break up

- stress, related to social anxiety and low self-esteem

- overwhelm due to situations like taking care of loved ones with major health issues, or losing a loved one

My whole life has been dedicated to understanding and finding ways to lessen the suffering I and the people around me were experiencing.

To me, there isn't anything else worth doing, and I pour my heart into teaching my clients how to grow from traumatic situations and build beautiful lives filled with purpose and clarity.

We all experience trauma or extremely stressful situations. The way we deal with them, and the lessons we are able to take away as we learn to heal ourselves and help others do the same is what makes us who we are.

Each time, if we pay close attention and chose to grow instead of hide, we become wiser, more loving, more powerful and creative. The building blocks to a life well lived.


10 years in business
Serves Tempe , AZ
Offers online services


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Absolute clarity and neutrality in counseling me through a relationship with my 19 year old son. I needed clarity on how to shift into a parent relationship from guiding and protecting, and admittedly over protecting, to one of supporting him no matter his choices. He has chosen not to attend college and live at home. It is very challenging to live with your adult-child. Sonia-Sophie if YoMeTrA has given me true and authentic perspectives that immediately awakened me to change my attitudes and approaches. My son responded and our relationship has begun to heal and stengthen.
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January 06, 2020

Frequently asked questions

My work is based on the individuals needs.  Coaching sessions will be primarily done by phone, private yoga session can be held at the client's residence or at my location in Tempe, AZ.

I will teach helpful modalities such as meditation & yoga, provide energy healing if requested and offer a range of personality discovery tests to help YOU get to know YOUR SELF better. 

Life Coach certified through "The Ultimate Game of Life" - Join me in a free 7-Day Challenge via our "Ultimate Life APP"!

IIN Holistic Nutrition Coach

Certified Yoga Teacher (250 RYT)

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