Inferno Gallery is an extension of my art studio which produces Paintings, sculptures and video. I have a Painting/Drawing clinic as well as provide private instruction in fine art painting. I am a professional artist with a extensive background in creating multiple genres of art as well as being involved in art related educational technical publishing. I studied art at San Antonio College, AICA New York Studio residency program, and The San Francisco Art Insitutue where I recieved my BFA. My style of art making runs across a variety of forms however painting has always been my primary focus and an incubator for other art. Painting and drawing for me is the science of all creativity because it is the first physical manifestation of all art. Although my personal work can be a blend of styles of laying paint to surface, I have one singlualr practice and belief which in my opinion is the foundation of art making. Good drawing and painting skills. This is includes centuries old standards of understanding light, color and observation. In addition to making my personal paintings I also engage in portrait painting from life and reproducing copies of old master paintings. These are grounding practices so that I can continually improve my practice. My classes are at Inferno Gallery and in my studio next door. Visit the Inferno web site at: my art site at: If you want to drink wine and make silly paintings from some template than this isn't for you. On the otherhand if you want to venture into a real working art studio and learn directly from a highly skilled professional artist- than I can help. My approach is to provide a supportive environment, impart knowledge freely and guide students with tangible skills that help them advance in their art practice.

Asking me to live without making art is like asking me to live without air.


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Over email or phone determine what their past experience with painting is and what their current skill level is. Subsequently discuss goals and needs with regard to painting. Provide information on what to bring to class and how to prepare. My studio is a professional art studio . It is comfortable and equipped with all the necessary accoutrement. 

I have been drawing and painting all my life. I attended San Antonio College in San Antonio, TX. There I studied design, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and theater. I later attended The San Francisco Art Institute where I received my BFA in Painting. I was selected ot attend the Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art New York Residency program in Manhattan. I worked for an extended period of time in educational technical publishing on graphics, web design, video, and digital photography. I have produced training courses at conferneces event across the country and have been involved product development of education books and videos. I have maintained my art studio in Oakland for 28 years and Inferno Gallery has been open since 2008. I am an artist - this is what I do. 

My private lesson prices are established on a case by case basis dependent upon the student(s) needs and how many people are in the session.

It was a natural course and extension of my studio. People kept asking if I gave classes. I enjoy and find it noble to share in the activity of art making. 

All levels novice to advanced. 

If you want to drink wine and paint silly templates than go to one of those strip mall businesses that offer that experience. If you want to learn how to create believeable light or how to fling paint with pure emotion - than get a teacher who produces art that you respect. 

Think about and decide what your learning goals are.

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