Music Lessons With David Lopez-White

Music Lessons With David Lopez-White

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a diversely experienced multi-instrumentalist, looking forward to helping you reach your musical goals!

On guitar and bass, I have experience in world music including Africa, Latin America, and Flamenco.

I also love American traditional music, including funk, jazz, rock, and gospel.

I specialize in teaching music theory and composition, no matter what instrument.

Rhythmic concepts applied to any instrument are a favorite topic.

Some of the things that I love about teaching private lessons, is that I can really focus on each individual, and help them in a customized way.

Since I teach many subjects, each student brings a new perspective on music that I end up learning from, as well.

I've been privileged to live inside of music, and sharing that with as many people as possible is one of my missions in life.


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Offers online services

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    Alan F.

    Ive been taking flamenco guitar lessons from David for the past year and a half. His knowledge of flamenco history and culture is amazing. He is both a flamenco singer and guitar player, deeply involved in the bay area flamenco community. He is a master musician, so if you want to learn theory as well as a playing repertoire and technique, he has you. He is incredibly open and friendly with a soft and caring personality. He is quick to understand where I am at with a piece or a problem and immediately provides solutions and suggestions. I expect to spend many years studying with him. I feel grateful and lucky to have him as a teacher and friend.
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    March 30, 2023

    Ethan R.

    I took flamenco guitar lessons with David for about 3 years. He is a true educator— an excellent teacher! We focused on all aspects of flamenco, from falsetas (guitar solos) to cante y baile accompaniment, to the history and evolution of the art form. I cannot recommend working with him enough, as a true beginner or a more advanced student. Olé!
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    January 31, 2023

    Dawn Q.

    David is a very patient teacher and has a significant amount of overall music knowledge to share (music theory, different guitar styles, and multiple instrument experience). In terms of my specific focus, flamenco guitar, he helped me to make a decision on which guitar to purchase (met me at a local store) and his training has included historical references, videos of flamenco players, right hand and left-hand techniques, along with different toque and compas. He also introduced me to several local opportunities to observe flamenco performances in our community. I began in February 2022 with what I would describe as 0.0001% experience in guitar playing, 0% experience in music theory, and difficulty finding rhythm (which is critical to flamenco). By May 7, I have learned enough techniques to play several melodies in full and part (albeit at a slow tempo) and heard with my ear an out of tune string. I am thrilled with this progress and confident that my skills will grow the longer I work with David.
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    May 08, 2022
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    Peter F.

    I have been taking flamenco guitar lessons from David Lopez-White for several months and highly recommend him as a teacher. David has impressed me with his skill as an instructor and heartfelt dedication to teaching. He develops a plan for each student and comes impressively prepared to lessons with materials (books, videos, etc.) tailored to the student’s needs. David’s approach includes technique work and repertoire development across flamenco’s many palos (forms), and he also offers in-depth perspectives on history and geography that are so important to understanding the art form. David’s passion for flamenco is obvious and he treats students with patience and good humor. He is detail oriented and makes sure students are playing the material correctly, while remaining encouraging and enthusiastic. Davis is also an excellent singer, which provides opportunities to work on flamenco cante accompaniment as well as solo playing. Bottom line: I notice a real improvement in my playing since working with David (as does my wife!). I’m having a blast. David is truly a special teacher and music mentor.
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    February 02, 2022

    Adam R.

    Had a great experience. David is patient, explains things clearly, and really knows his stuff. Definitely recommended.
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    October 10, 2021

    Aki M.

    David is patient and enthusiastic about teaching how to play the guitar. He is also encouraging!
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    October 10, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    We have a chat, and get to know each other. I like to get as specific as possible to the kinds of music you are inspired by, down to the artist, genre, song, and riff. 

    Then, we decide whether to use a structured approach, unstructured, or combination of both. 

    We may end up working from a method book, though we can always work directly with a piece of music or audio recording that you'd like to learn. I also create original exercises and lessons, tailored to student needs.

    3 years of classical music study in theory, composition and performance at the college level.

    I taught music theory, composition, and audio production for 11 years at the college level.

    I have been a musical performer for over 20 years.

    1 hour = $60

    1.5 hours = $75

    I typically prefer to do 1 hour minimum, but am open to do 45 minutes as well, just ask!

    I would offer to teach for free to friends and coworkers. After over a year of that, I got my first gig teaching in a music store back in 1998. In 2005, I started teaching at the college level, and also taught workshops at SF JAZZ for 4 years.

    Primarily adults, but I also work with kids. I have a 5 year old daughter who I am also working closely with to explore how music is learned in the early stages of development, and it's been so much fun! 

    I am neurodiverse myself, and have worked with folks with learning difficulties and special needs.

    I go to a local flamenco show, and share in the performance at the end. Family and friends are usually present, which makes it a community event and super fun each time.

    I recommend that you try to find a teacher who has experience with the exact style(s) you want to learn. 

    Know that the process of finding a good fit may take 1-3 different teachers, so keep at it and don't give up on your path if it didn't work out the first time!

    What is your teaching style?

    Tell me about your experience. 

    What are your biggest pieces of advice in learning music (or a specific instrument)?

    What do you expect of me?

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