Advanced Pitching & Youth Baseball Lessons

Advanced Pitching & Youth Baseball Lessons

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High Level Pitching Instruction for serious pitchers looking to maximize their current and potential performance.


Pitching, Hitting, Baserunning, and Fielding basics instruction for younger ballplayers.


Advanced pitching instruction (12 years and older)

Pitching, hitting, baserunning, and fielding basics for younger ballplayers (14 years and younger)

*For advanced pitching lessons it is recommended that the pitcher bring a teammate/parent willing and able to catch bullpens. It is also recommended (but not necessary) that we have access to a regulation pitching mound.

Pitching Experience:

4 years of college baseball pitching experience

Competed for California State University, East Bay at the NCAA D.II level

2016 All CCAA Tournament Pitcher

2017 CSUEB Scholar Athlete of the Year

Coaching Experience:

2017-Current pitching coach of the nationally ranked Arcadia High School baseball team


Graduated Summa Cum Laude from CSUEB, owner of Psychology B.A, and current Psychology graduate student at California State University, Long Beach.

Passion for baseball and especially the mental and mechanical aspects of pitching.

Advanced pitching lessons will provide mental and physical training with the goal of developing an athletic pitcher while maximizing pitch command, velocity, and movement.

Basics lessons are focused on developing a more well rounded and fundamentally sound young baseball player.

*Cutter/Slider expertise.


My name is Nick Sergi, I am a recently graduated college baseball player and current pitching coach at Arcadia High School. I have a passion for baseball, especially pitching. As a collegiate athlete I was considered undersized; I am 5’10” and I possessed no extraordinary talent or power as a pitcher. As a result, to have success as a high level pitcher I had to learn how to PITCH.

I learned from ex-major leaguers and college coaches not only how to maximize my velocity and movement, but more importantly how to command pitches, pitch intelligently, and how to be a competitor. Now that my career is over, I enjoy paying the gifts of great coaches forward. I believe that a coach or instructor should not only be a source of knowledge and mentoring for a young pitcher, but should also be as accessible and easy to communicate with as a friend. Since the mental side of the game is especially important for pitchers, I believe total honesty and openness in a player-coach relationship is essential for the development of a young pitcher. Being a young coach fresh out of my playing days allows me to more easily connect with players and create a positve learning environment.

Though I was a pitcher in college, I am a student of the entire game and I am also able to teach infield, outfield, catching, baserunning, and hitting basics to younger ballplayers (ages 14 and younger).

Since I am passionate about baseball, I love anything to do with playing, learning, and teaching baseball. As a coach, I love to see the progress over time that a player makes toward their goals. I enjoy being there with suggestions when a player has a question or wants to try something new. Most of all I enjoy the way baseball gives back; when I teach someone something I learned long ago that knowledge will carry on through that player.


Hired 4 times
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5 years in business
Serves Arcadia , CA


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Randy E.

Very patient with my son and takes the time to explain what he needs my son to do to improve.
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September 25, 2018
Hired on Lessons

Sean M.

Coach Sergi has helped me alot with my pitching. He taught my how to throw a cutter and he is helping me throw harder and Ive already started to see more velocity. He is really cool too and you can tell he knows what hes talking about from pitching in college.
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July 04, 2018

Julie G.

Nick is awesome! He is very knowledgeable and most importantly he is great with my 10 year old. He is friendly and encouraging to my son and it is clear he loves to teach baseball! He is a very pleasant young man and great with kids!
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June 28, 2018

Frequently asked questions

All sessions, whether advanced pitching lessons or baseball fundamentals lessons, will begin with a dynamic warmup and light stretching routine designed to activate important baseball muscle groups and reduce the likelihood of injury. 

Advanced pitching lessons will then move on to an arm care and strengthening regimine designed to improve scapular and rotator cuff strength. The player will then begin a throwing program designed to accentuate important areas of pitching mechanics. The player may throw at their preferred intensity before moving to a bullpen session (long toss, pull downs, etc). The pitcher will pitch (off a regulation mound if available) to a catcher (teammate/friend/parent if available) while pitching mechanics and mental approaches are evaluated. Hands on instruction and adjustments will be made with the goal of increasing command, velocity, movement, and the mental ability to compete at a high level. After the bullpen the pitcher will engage in a high intensity conditioning program designed to improve core strength, leg strength, and athleticism. The conditioning program does not require long distance running. 

For younger baseball players in baseball fundamental lessons, after the dynamic warmup they will progress to the target areas they have specified that they want to improve (Pitching, hitting, infield, outfield, baserunning). Good baseball fundamentals will be emphasized in an encouraging learning environment. 

B.A in Psychology. Current Arcadia high school varsity baseball pitching coach.

Kids of all ages, 6 years old - 18 years old.

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