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Esteller Martial Arts

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Traditional-Sport-Tactical Martial Arts


21st Centrury Personal Protection Systems

EMA at its core is a traditonal martial arts school, that teaches UN-traditionaly.

Kajukenbo the "The Original Mixed Martial Arts" style

Using elements from kicking, striking, and grappling arts Kajukenbo is an extreemly well rounded system that forms to the practitioner.

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu "Throw, Lock, Submit"

Hawaiian Kempo "Hand Strike Combonations"

Escrima/Filipino Martial Arts "stick and blade"

Muay Thai "Kickboxing Thai Style"

EMA was established in San Leandro 1984

Pleasanton has been open since 2010

EMA serving the East Bay for 33 years!

Ron Esteller 9th Degree Black Belt with 50 years experience

FB EstellerMMA-Ptown

Changing lives! that is what means the most to me, seeing children grow into confident, strong teens and adults.

Seeing adult students smile when they reach their goals for fitness and heath.


Hired 1 time
2 employees
39 years in business
Serves Pleasanton , CA


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Eric C.

I started with EMA before it was called EMA. 28 years ago my mom took me and my brothers to a small sweaty room at the San Leandro Boys club for a Karate class. We were avid Kung Fu movie fans and really excited to join the class. So we take off our shoes and socks and attempt to join in ...HOLD ON ! it doesnt work like that was the first thing Sifu ( he was dasihing back then ) said to us. You have to watch first, if you come back, then you can join the class. He was looking for a commitment and an understanding of what we were getting ourselves into. Because the classes were fun, but they can be a challenge. He was hard on us but encouraged us every step of the way. He never held us back in anyway, always encouraging us to go out and learn then bring it back and teach the rest. I did just that and went on to become a national heavyweight Muay Thai boxing champion.
EMA instilled this amazing sense of accomplishment and self confidence, along with a healthy need to give back
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March 10, 2017

Erika Y.

I cant say enough wonderful things about Sifu Ron and this Dojo!
Weve been going to Esteller Martial Arts in Pleasanton since it opened up (beginning of 2015); so weve been with Sifu Ron for over (2) years now.
We just moved back to Livermore at the end of 2014 and I visited (5) different Dojos (including several much closer to our home) before we found Sifu Ron. Hes the real deal and definitely worth the drive!
Sifu Ron has the right combination of patience, discipline, dedication and genuine love and adoration for all his kids; he refers to us as Ohana - which means family.
My oldest 2 Littles first started with him when they were 2 and 3 years old. Now, all (3) of them go to classes there. My youngest started when he was just 1 year old. Not many Martial Arts instructors will teach the Littles when they are so young. This is definitely a testament to Sifu Ron and his passion for this art.
The kids love Sifu Ron and their Kaju classes. In fact, my nearly 6 year old, just requested to go to Kaju an additional night every week (3 nights per week now). His technique and knowledge have improved so much over the last 2 years. Even his previous martial arts instructor (another wonderful teacher from New Jersey) was impressed with the skills hes gained.
What I also love about this Dojo is that Sifu gives some of the older kids the opportunity to help mentor and teach some of the younger ones. Its a great experience for all the children; those able to learn to teach and those that are able to look up to their older peers. Many of the classes are actual Ohana classes and open to students of multiple ages. In fact, I (as a female adult) even I can take classes with my kids. Thats so much fun.
Bottom line - this is the best Dojo and Sifu Ron is the absolute best instructor. We just love him!
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March 03, 2017

Frequently asked questions

At EMA we are a mentoring school, which means we ALL work with each other, to make each other better.

As a new student you/your chld will be mentored by a sr student thru the begining curriculum, which to you means FREE Private Lessons! which keeps perpetuating the Aloha found within the walls of EMA.

As a Kajukenbo practioner several deffernt martial arts comprise this system, but I was never satisfied by that, and have made it my life's mission to continue to study the individual arts of Kajukenbo

KA= Korean Karate-Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

JU=DZR Jujitsu-Board of Advisors Pacific Jujitsu Aliance

KEN=Kenpo-9th Degree Black Belt Hawaiian Kempo

BO=Boxing/Kickboxing Trainer of both amature and professional Fighters/atheletes

EMA is All Inclusive!!!

Membership $150 per month

$50 Registration Fee Includes:

Uniform Tshirt/Pants

Yellow Belt Curriculum Flash Drive

Everything you need to start your martial journey!

With the permission of my instructor and the help of a High School staff member I was able to start an after school program in my Junior year of high school.... 1971!!!            That is when the teaching bug bit me!!

2-80 years of age, I litteraly have trained infants, to professional atheletes, to senior citizens.

Its not about a paticular style, or how close to you the school is, it's all about the teacher.

The teacher you choose will have an impact on you, or your childs life!

Quote from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

"Choose Wisely"

What is your motivation in wanting to study martial arts.

Then seek a teacher that best suits your needs.

Services offered

Mixed Martial Arts