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Fly KFUL Flight School

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Fly KFUL Flight School offers Sport and Private Pilot Rating. Our fleet of aircraft is brand new. All aircrafts equipped with Ballistic Parachute Safety System.

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We love to teach how to fly. We are passionate about flying and we want everybody to learn and experience the pilot seat.


5 employees
5 years in business
Serves Fullerton , CA

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    Darlene M.

    I have done 3 lessons and love it. I am very happy with the school now i am over my first fears.
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    January 23, 2020


    Bradley M.

    I have only just started flying and this was the third school i tried.
    I really like the team here (this is the first school that was on time for my lesson). Also, the plane are nearly new. Lots to learn but i am comfortable here and will complete my licence here at Fullerton. Long Beach was way too busy and i spend half the first lesson on the ground waiting to take off but at Fullerton we went straight our each time. So far i am sure this will be the best school to get my license.
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    January 23, 2020


    Adel K.

    Fly KFUL flight school has friendly staff and brand new aircraft fleet to fly. I really enjoy going there.
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    January 23, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    We start the student training with an FAA part 141 certified Syllabus. Our mission is to get every pilot checked out at the required minimum flight training hours. Sport pilots at 20 hours and private pilots at 40 hours. 

    I have been a pilot and Pipistrel distributor for 5 years. I want to show people how easy to become a pilot and start experience of flying. 

    We charge $100/hour for the aircraft and $55 for the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Rental rate is $100/hour minimum 2 hours. 

    From younger to older we have been working with students. Even out of country students. 

    We were part of the ACE Solo Flight Program for the US Airforce in August 2019 to train and solo 20 of US Airforce Cadets. After we finished the mission. US Airforce considered the program 100% success. We are proud to be part of their mission!

    More details here:

    Make sure not to let a flight schools only teach by experience. An FAA certified Syllabus is a must to learn on track to complete your training close to the required FAA training hours (40 hours of training for Private Pilots and 20 hours for Sport Pilot Rating). Instructors intend to teach student by their experience only. Great way, but you will be ending up double of the required training hours which will end up costing you more. Our mission is to teach our student based on FAA Certified Syllabus. Much more productive way to get it done much quicker. This way we are minimizing the necessary training hours resulting less payment from the students. 

    What type of Pilot Rating they looking for? Are they planning on become a commercial pilot even an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)? 

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