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Five Star Skills

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My practices are detail-oriented, customized, and progressive. I evaluate each player, determine and prioritize their needs, and follow a specialized plan to achieve the goals defined.

My comprehensive training system, "Symmetrical Soccer," is a fresh, creative approach that guarantees improved ball skills, fitness, and match preparedness for boys and girls of all ages and experience levels.

My fascination for the sport, like many others, was nearly instantaneous, but my fascination for the art of training for the sport was not discovered until I was about 8 or 9 years of age. During that time, aside from already having my skills-oriented team practices, I would receive additional personal skills training from various well-respected trainers. By the time I was 13, I grew experienced enough to attempt running skills sessions on my own. Over the years, I combined ideas from many different trainers and developed a comprehensive training system, which works the athlete's right and left foot symmetrically, within the sequence of the same exercise. I began training my first student a decade ago, and through word of mouth, have spread all across the Los Angeles and San Diego areas and all the way to Armenia where I trained the Women's Armenian Premier League champions for four months during their preseason.

The best part of what I do is having the special ability to help players of all ages and skill levels make it to the next big step in their soccer careers and in their lives.


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    Cory W.

    Coach Garen has a very detailed teaching program for soccer that is superb. He is also a great motivational coach and instructor. My 5 year old son, after one lesson with Coach Garen, said he only wanted to take lessons from him going forward. My 8 year old son made remarkable improvements in his game after one session, and came home wanting to watch soccer all the time. Coach is very motivated and serious about training, and the kids pick up on that and enjoy it. He does not yell or scream - he uses his calm and sincere manner to get his point across effectively. Can’t say enough good things about him.
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    March 27, 2019

    Frequently asked questions


    • A comprehensive assessment of the player will be conducted, from technical abilities to physical capabilities. The player's strengths and weaknesses will be identified, and the sessions will be planned and executed accordingly.


    • Technique is the most important requirement for mastering any sport. This is why it is absolutely necessary to break down the technique of the skills we learn into their simplest elements before focusing on speed. During this training step, the player learns to visually distinguish proper technique from improper, because the trainer will not always to present to correct right from wrong. Also during this time, good habits are established and bad habits are eliminated through detailed focus and instruction.


    • Confidence has a placebo effect in sports. Believing you are good at something actually makes you better at it, and when you're better at it, you tend to like it more. Keeping these two in mind, it is important as a trainer to recognize and acknowledge the player's positive steps in order to boost their confidence and inspire them further on their journey to success.


    • A 100 m sprinter does not prepare for a race by going to the track and jogging 100 meters; the sprinter prepares by sprinting. But if the sprinter has an incorrect running form, all that sprinting will be pointless and show no results. Similarly, a soccer player must first learn the proper technique for any movement. Once they have, the next step to improve on their skills is to increase the training speed and push themselves outside their comfort zone, where they will only be successful some of the time and where mistakes will be made and tolerated. Gradually and naturally, their own bar will be lifted higher and higher, and less mistakes will be made at high speed.


    • As the player becomes capable of training with the ball at a higher speed, training sessions become more intense and the player begins reaping more of the cardiovascular benefits from the workouts. Training sessions also become more complex, helping expand the player's range of available tools for different match situations and helping the player become more versatile and closer to complete.


    • Now that the player is equipped with the necessary tools for success on the soccer field, they will begin to discover match-time applications for everything they have learned through personal advice and self-exploration. The player will spend less time focusing on controlling the ball and more time on scoping the field, consciously making informed decisions, and expressing themself on the field. Over time, some of their decisions will become second nature.

    Coaching Experience:

    • Personal Soccer Trainer for the past 12 years. My trainees range from 5 years olds to Division 1 college athletes and professionals

    • Head Coach of '04 and '08 Boys teams at LA Premier FC

    • Assistant Coach at Occidental College

    • Head Coach at Hoover High School

    • Head Trainer for the women's soccer team of Senik Arakelyan, who was recently recognized as the UEFA Best Grassroots Leader in 2017

    • Head Skills Trainer at Arpa FC (UPSL)

    • Head Coach at LA International FC

    • Assistant Coach / Head Skills Trainer at Crescenta Valley Soccer Club

    • Creator of the "Symmetrical Soccer" training system

    • Hired by multiple independent club teams and high schools to run skills clinics

    Athletic Highlights:

    • Professional athlete for FC Shirak in the Armenian Premier League

    • Semi-professional athlete for Arpa FC in UPSL

    • UCSD Club Soccer Fall League Champions, Regional Finalists, National Semi-Finalists

    • Played in friendlies against multiple pro teams in the United States, including the 7 time K-League champions, Seongnam FC, and the New York Cosmos

    • Cal South club soccer for 11 years straight with various teams (Flyers, Santa Anita SC, Rampage FC, LAFC, Ventura County Fusion)

    • Nationally ranked #1 in the United States with Rampage FC in 2005-2006

    • High School First Team All-League Honors (11th and 12th grade)

    • Dallas Cup Finalists and multiple Cal South League and League Cup Champions


    60 min - $40


    2 players : 60 min - $30 each

    3 players : 60 min - $25 each

    4+ players : 60 min - $20 each


    60 min - $100

    My trainees range from 5 years olds to Division 1 college athletes and professionals.

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