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Offers online services
Offers online services


My success as a tutor has come with my ability to meet the students where they are and lay down a path of reachable goals so that they can reach their overall objective. I am incredibly skilled in explaining the subject matter in a simplistic way so that the concept and steps are easy to grasp. I am also highly personable and am capable of reaching the shyest of students.

My goal is to keep students on course in their academic careers, give them a leg up in the next year, and further their educational advancement towards success. Not only do I want to support the student in all things related to academia, but also assist the parents as much as possible by keeping their children on track during this unprecedented time.

I've learned that students dislike learning math because it's like learning a new language. However, I am proud to say that most eventually learn to appreciate or like it in some way- whether it's from overcoming an obstacle and feeling a sense of accomplishment, or seeing the subject with new eyes. When I see this change within the student, it brings me immense joy and a sense of accomplishment within myself.

When it comes to teaching English studies, whether that's learning the grammatical structure or writing an essay, I try to pass on my love for the subject to my students. I act as a facilitator, guiding them through the language or story like how I would've liked to have been guided, leading them towards an answer they discover on their own. When it comes to writing essays about literature, it becomes an exciting conversation of the students' interpretations and thoughts which in turn makes the task more engaging because it becomes about who they are and what they think instead of a mere homework assignment.

I like to share my love of both those subjects because I think it's quite a waste to go through their academic career without appreciating the beauty that both those subjects can ignite in themselves.


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Offers online services


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Jillian M.

Alice is fabulous! Friendly, supportive and smart as a whip. 11/10 recommend!
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November 16, 2022
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Ilana K.

Stephanie loved tutoring with Alice. She was amazing with her and improved her grades in English and math pretty quickly!
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October 01, 2022


Sean P.

It was a pleasure working with Alice. She was always bright and smiling which was so nice to see every week
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February 25, 2021


Michelle Z.

Alice is an amazing tutor! I found her during quarantine and she helped my daughter out with math through Zoom. With her help, Sarah had caught up with school and learned how to keep up with her schoolwork. Were so glad we found her!
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January 25, 2021

Frequently asked questions

The process changes depending on age and whether a parent needs to be there to further discuss in detail the student's goals and areas of focus, but it typically goes like the below;

The first session is an informational session for both parties; the parents are free to ask me about my services and I inquire about the student's needs and what their goals are so that we know how to proceed with the sessions.

From there, we reach an agreement and it's tutor time!


- Master's in the Humanities from University of Chicago

- Bachelors in English from the University of California, Los Angeles

- Studied abroad at Lincoln College in Oxford for English Literature and Art History 

- TEFL Certified (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Work Experience

- Worked with the Orange County Department of Education as a Title I Tutor

- 2+ years with TutorNerds

- 1+ years with Tutor Doctors

- Media Buyer Assistant at Mediaspot

Volunteer Work

-12 weeks as a Screenwriter Mentor in the Young Storytellers' Foundation

- 8+ years as an Assistant Tae Kwon Do Instructor at Ace Tae Kwon Do Academy

$45/hour for 6th-8th

$55/hour for high school math and English

$60/hour for personal statements/essays

$60/hour for SAT prep

$70/hour for ESL

*Open to discussing rates depending on the student's needs. Group tutoring is available at a lower rate.

Helping others in anything related to academic studies began when I was just a child. I helped my cousins with their homework (even if they were older), I was the go-to person in class to break down what was being taught into simpler steps, and lastly, I assisted my father in teaching Tae Kwon Do ever since I was a child. I taught both children and adults at various studios until he opened his own and am currently a 2nd degree Black Belt. I began to professionally tutor after my undergraduate studies to explore the education sector before pursuing graduate study. I am equipped with the skills to tutor anyone from all walks of life in math and English studies up to a high school level.

I have tutored students from all socio-economic backgrounds and mental abilities from the ages of 8 years to 16 years in various subjects. My specialties lie in math up to the level of Algebra II and any level related to English studies.

After tutoring for a few years in the private sector, I decided to use my learned skills as a tutor to help those who may not have access to education as easily as the privileged. As a Title I Academic Support Assistant (tutor) at the Orange County Department of Education, I work with at-risk and foster youth. Since the demographic of youth is quite different from the private sector's, anywhere from their socio-economic background to mental ability, it has taught me to become quite adaptable and flexible to adjust to the students' needs and meet them where they are. It is quite a rewarding experience where I've learned creative ways to teach students.

One of my students loved entomology and I used entomology to spark an interest in creating a possible dream that they can achieve while also learning to research and practice their reading skills. Where there was no dream and the future seemed bleak, they now have a desire to go to college in order to study entomology abroad in South America. The student did this all on their own with just a little bit of my guidance. I gently guided them and facilitated the sessions so that they were able to discover this conclusion on their own.

In my experience, I have learned that there are two significant things a student should look for in a tutor. In order to not waste time and money, the tutor should lay out a plan with mini goals for the student unless the sessions are purely homework/test-based so that they are transparent and held accountable for the time and money the student is putting into the tutor. 

I have also learned that the more experienced tutors charge more, yet they have the experience to effectively guide the students to their desired goals with ease and efficiency. In the long run, the student may save time and money while also achieving their desired goal.

1. What do I need help with and how can a tutor help me reach my goals?

2. How much time am I willing to put into studying with a tutor and on my own? 

3. What kind of person do I like working with? The tutor's personality is just as important as their skillset.

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