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Stress attacks our mind, captures our emotions, reflects on our behavior and adversely affects our body. Yoga teaches us to convert negative stress into positive stress which can lead to creativity and achievement. Yoga establishes balance and restores good health of our body, mind and spirit. I teach yoga and Meditation to improve and maintain health of body, mind and soul. I have completed Yoga Instructor's course from Vyasa Yoga University and other Yoga institutions. I have also completed Transcendental Meditation (TM) and science of creative intelligence course taught by Mahesh Yogi. I have taught yoga at various adult schools and temples at Los Angeles for more than 9 years. I have taught Yoga at YMCA for 2 years and at Bayer Baytown while I was in Houston for three years.

I love doing and teaching Yoga. I get deep satisfaction when my students learn postures, do them correctly and achieve their goals. I like to write about Yoga and its benefits for community. Visit my article published in Linked In


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    February 20, 2018

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    I begin at student's level of knowledge, skills and understanding and progress at the rate student can improve and learn. I also explain why and how of everything that I teach and monitor progress of the student.

    Yoga instructor course from Svyasa Yoga University, Bangalore, India completed at Los Angeles CA Chapter

    Transcendental Meditation (TM) and science of creative intelligence (SCI) course from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at Baroda India

    Yoga training at Aurobindo Ashram, Baroda India

    Yoga Training at IPCL Baroda India

    I believe in community service and have volunteered for many years.

    I learned yoga from my childhood and was practicing myself. The benefits I gained motivated me to spread knowlege and skill of Yoga to community and I volunteered to teach Yoga at every available opportunity. One of my article you can read at

    I have taught Yoga to children at primary schools, younger persons at adult schools, seniors and old people at temples, office goers at my place of work after office hours, and at YMCA

    Celebration of International day of Yoga June 21st.

    "Stress is the root cause of all illness, reduce stress by learning and practicing Yoga and Meditation. Health is real wealth, choose HEALTH"

    "Do I have stress in my daily life?

    Do I feel fatigue?

    Am I a healthy and dynamic person?

    Do I sleep well daily and do I feel fresh when I get up?

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