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Working with kids for over 10 years, I have gained experience and confidence as an educator and mentor in a variety of settings. I have tutored privately, led after-school programs, taught in classrooms, counseled at sleepaway camps, and exercised behavior intervention with children experiencing learning, behavioral, and emotional disorders. These experiences have not only sharpened my skills as a teacher and a leader, they have also cultivated compassion and empathy in me that I desire to connect with my students on a deeper level. My service stands out because I practice mentorship and I am intentional about forming relationships based on trust and friendship. My goal is for my students and clients to feel safe and cared for as they learn and grow through my work with them.

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a child grow in knowledge and confidence in themselves as they are taught and supported by adults who care for that child. I absolutely love and enjoy being one of those adults that is a part of a child's life and contributing to the process of growth. I love being able to share my knowledge and experiences with the child I'm working with and seeing the child leave feeling encouraged and empowered.


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Rachel L.

I have an eleven year old and a six year old boys. Sharon is by far one of the best tutors my boys have ever had. My younger son has special needs, and Sharon is able to help him navigate his negatives in the most positive and loving manner. He has improved so much in school, and in fact, he is one of the top readers in his class. Sharon is not only great with children with special needs. She is incredibly smart and is great at breaking down math problems to make them understandable for my older son. She is super responsible, punctual, and is always available to do phone conference whenever my older son is struggling with any school assignments. I highly recommend Sharon with no reservations!
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November 07, 2019

Frequently asked questions

I start by communicating with the parent or guardian about the needs and desired goals of the student. I ask about the different areas that need more support and about challenges that may come up (if any) that prevent the student from fully grasping a certain subject. I then start a lesson with a simple activity, whether it be a few math problems, a short essay, or reading comprehension questions, to gauge the comfort level of the student and where the student struggles. I'll ask the student if they have any personal goals they would like to reach in the subject we are working on and from there I'll form a plan that will help the student reach that goal. I will always make sure the student is comfortable and does not feel overwhelmed with the amount of work while making sure the student feels challenged.

I am a self-taught tutor who has worked both privately and in the classroom as an assistant teacher. I am familiar with school settings and have been exposed to different teachers and teaching styles. I have also worked as a behavioral therapist and am comfortable working with students with learning delays and special needs. Besides my work experience, I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and am currently pursuing a Master's degree.

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