English Conversation With International Coach Raul Rosiles

English Conversation With International Coach Raul Rosiles

Offers online services
Offers online services


The best way to be fluent in English is to have real conversations with native English speakers. Raul Rosiles is currently writing a book on this subject. Rated at college level reading comprehension in 7th grade, Raul is a true master of reading comprehension, to help you reading as well. Raul is an international traveler and is well versed in working with people from all backgrounds. Coaching time is fun and effective. Raul is also a Business Coach, so he is the perfect choice for those learning for business.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

The Coaching begins with a short interview to access your goals. Goals can everthing from just the joy of learning to mastering reading comprehension and speaking master for public speaking. 

A prodigy of reading comprehension from a young age, my vocabulary and reading comprehension were tested to be at college level in 7th grade. I am a business coach, and international public speaker. Having worked with people from literally everywhere globally, I am perfectly suited to help people from all cultures master English speaking to the highest levels. 

Standard pricing is

$55 for four sessions per month at  90 minutes each prepaid.

$70 for two sessions per month at 90 minutes each prepaid. 

$85 for one session per month at 90 minutes each prepaid. 

One time emergency or intensive coaching session for film, live performance or public speaking available. 4 hours each. Contact for pricing. 

Begin with a phone or Google Hangout interview to access your goals. 

I have worked with Students in Japan, and the USA. I have coached people for musical performance, for public speaking, for business meetings,and for film. I have also helped people write business letters and agreements, as well as prepare for diverse situations such as court appearance, award ceremony, art exhibition, all with a focus on speaking with mastery. 

I helped produce a large conference and guided many public speakers with their presentations.

Choose someone who you feel you will enjoy learning from. Without the joy of learning, your road to English mastery will take much longer and will be more difficult. Be clear about what goal you have and time frame. I can help someone speek much more powerfully in one intense long session if they have a perfomance or presentation the very next day or or we can stroll through a park and relax in the joy of learning if we have no deadline. 

What is your level of commitment. 

Are you aiming for English speaking mastery by a certain date? 

Why do you want to practice and perfect your English speaking? For work, for fun, for your own trade or business? 

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