Ya'el Bella Belly Dance Art

Ya'el Bella Belly Dance Art

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Hey everyone! I am a profeesional Belly Dance teacher and performer. I got my dance training in the middle east where I was a part of two differens dance troups: Mohar and The Oriental Rose. I am trained to perform and teach differenr styles of Belly Dance-Raqs Sharki, Baladi, Morrocan, Persian Dance and Tribal Fusion. I am a certified dance teacher and have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I am currently preparing for my Dance Therapy studies. I just moved to the US a few months ago and have been teaching and performing all over the country. I teach Belly Dance and Belly Dance Fusion to adults and Creative Ethnic Dance to kids. I believe that Dance has the power to heal and make life simply more joyful. Belly Dance is great for all ages and body types because it aligns with the body and allows us to build strength and flexinility through soft and gentle movement. Another passion of mine is to create dance shows and spread the art of dance. After a few classes with me you will be invited to perform in one of my concept videos that way we have something to work for.

looking farward to dance with you!

I have a fully equiped studio in my house that is great for intimate lessons. This will make the learning experience super professional and pleasant to the student. Learning how to dance can be sometimes intimidating and stressful-that's why I have created this professional yet calming studio that will make you feel welcome and at ease. My teaching method is to flow with the student's pase yet always try to challenge and motivate the student. Although I am a big fan of teaching tecnique, I also incorprate exercises in class that fucus on feeling the music and finding the student's inner dancer. I see the student as a whole and will teach you how to be a dancer from the inside out. I film once every few weeks a concept video so there is also an oppurtunity for my students to participate in them and experience performing in front of a camera. Performing excelerates growth and I always support my students to do so! if you already have a show I can help you with choreograpy, costuming and stage presence training.

looking forward to dance with you!


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    Elizabeth R.

    Ya’el is very patient and knowledgeable in various different styles of belly dance. She works at your pace and incorporates your preferences of style in what she teaches.
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    August 06, 2021
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    Tabitha H.

    INCREDIBLE INSTRUCTOR! If your looking for professional belly dance teacher Ya’el is the best! She breaks down movements very well and adds new moves at a great pace. I appreciate the mirrors at her studio they are very helpful to watch yourself and match her movements. She is patient, kind and gorgeous too! Very fun class and GREAT workout. I think my abs are melting fat off fast with all the movements haha a big bonus!
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    August 01, 2021
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    Aln C.

    She was so knowledgeable and skilled but also so patient and sweet in her teaching style, a true pleasure!
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    July 16, 2021



    Belly dancing with Yael is pure joy and celebration of and with the body. A creative and gifted teacher.
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    June 26, 2021


    Liat L.

    If you never took belly dance classes and if you did…either way prepare for an amazingly inspiring experience. Yael is not just a teacher, she is a true artist that knows how to teach you to become a dancer from within, so you will learn to dance from the heart ❤️ I highly recommend her classes. Good luck and enjoy
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    June 26, 2021


    Baila R.

    First of all, Ya’el is a very beautiful dancer. She is excellent! Her ability to teach and inspire me and the other students is outstanding. She’s supportive and encouraging on every level. It was so much fun, plus a great workout!
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    June 22, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    it really depends on the student's goals. there is a different process for each student. Are your goals to get in shape? or maybe be more familiar with eastern music and dance moves? are you preparing for a show? or mayne you just want to have fun. After establishing the students goals i will make quick assesment of musicality, strength, flexibiliy, the students personal motivation and then we will go from there. I always encourage my students to practive at home and I almost always give short, fun and simple homework

    I am a certified and trained Belly Dance Teacher. my training includes Arab Music, Anatomy, dancing with props, shimmy workshops and working with kids and seniors. I recieves my training and qualification at the Tel-Hai College which was led by Mis. Sosh Friedman

    35$ for 30 mins

    45 for 45 mins

    50 $ for 60 mins

    if the student chooses to have the class at his house, travel expenses eill be added to the fee.

    I have been teaching my whole life, My passion for teaching started when I was 18. I tought first aid and Trauma to medical teams and quickly fell in love with teaching. I tought English as a secong language for many years before I became a dance teacher. During that time I felt that my calling was to teach and make my students better through love and patience. At the age of 25 one of my dance teachers told me I should start teaching dance. I couldn't believe I can teach dance despipte the fact that I have been dancing my whole life. My teacher believed in me and pushed me forward in to getting the right training and the rest is history. Since I have been teaching dance my life changed completely and I aspire to do the same to my students-to believe in them! i have been teaching almost for 4 years.

    I have worked with women of all ages, teenagers, seniors and children

    I love any events that combine a bit of dpirituality and history. I love socializing and learning. I am a student myself! always learning and developing as a human.

    Follow your heart and intuition. Finding the right teacher has no rules! also, you can always try a few before you make a decision

    Think about your goals and try to communicate them with your teacher. The goals can be getting in to shape, habing me time, working on a special dance for my partner, working on a specific move, getting in touch with my body, letting loose... Just listen to your heart!

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