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Enjoy teaching new shooters how to safely enjoy shooting. I have over 30 years of shooting experience, 20 years in law enforcement.

I teach both adults and kids. I have also taught a lot of Chinese students. My training style is student friendly. I am there to teach you what you need, not what is popular.

I can also help you decide what gun is best for you, especially female students. Not everyone needs the biggest badest firearm. I'm very practical.

For new shooters, I start with a 22 pistol and move up to a 45, so you learn the difference in how each gun feels. In the end, it's up to you on what's best for you, I don't push my opinions on my students.

I work for you and your needs. I'll make suggestions on what firearm works best for your needs, but in the end, it's all up to you.


Hired 3 times
2 employees
24 years in business


Student age(s)

Child (under 13), Teenager (13 - 18), Adult (over 18), Senior (over 55)

Number of students

One person, Two people, A group of 3 – 5 people

Any previous experience

Students with previous experience, Students without previous experience

Type of training

Concealed carry permit, Gun safety, Self-defense, Target practice, Hunting, Tactical training

Type of firearm

I can recommend a firearm, Handgun / pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

Reason for training

Training as a hobby or personal interest, Training to be educated and feel more comfortable around firearms, Training necessary for employment

Own a firearm

Student who own the firearm that he/she want to learn with, Students who own a firearm but wants to rent and learn with something different, Students who will rent a firearm

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    Worth investing in your lessons!!!
    Thank you so very much for the gun safety lesson, all the greatly valuable information, handling malfunctions and disassembling and cleaning techniques, and resources and tools. An AWESOME time at the outdoor shooting range! We gladly recommend you to instruct another person interested in gun safety and training. Thank you again.
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    July 10, 2022
    Hired on Lessons


    sandra S.

    Loved this person, informative, knowledgeable with a lot of patience!!
    I am a novice and felt I gain confidence in being able to move forward and that I have someone who will guide me properly. Would highly recommend. Looking forward to continuing with this instructor!
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    July 04, 2022
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    Hands on shooting instructions. Shooting drills to make it more than just target shooting. 

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    Gun Safety