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As a Mexican American artist I love to use vibrant or complimentary colors as well as warm earthly colors in my work; the line and the use of texture, and bold patterns with a niche of sculptural implementation to depict the human form in an abstract style. My work is reflective of the optimistic side of the world around me. It conveys hope and happiness but it can also be funny and ironic and mystical. Having been influenced by the cubist like Matisse and Picasso. My works can range from portraits to animals, to city life, and symbolic imagery that can sometimes have hidden meanings that narrate a story, which can be open for interpretation by the viewer. As an artist I like to reflect on life in light of todays cultural diversity by telling a story in a visual way to arouse emotional and spiritual awareness.

I consider myself to be a fine artist, designer, and Illustrator. I love working in a team environment and consider myself a team player who has a passion to work alongside designers on big projects that include murals and creating fine Art & Logo Design for both commercial and residential spaces. Having background experience with Illustrator and Photoshop to decorate interiors. My work has evolved within a 20 twenty-year span. I get excited when working with other artist, bringing together innovative ideas that produce transformative results.

As a gallery owner of the Arts District of Melbourne Florida and teacher of Life Cultural Center in Fellsmere Florida I have acquired experience in the implementation of diverse paradigms and styles of art making that are inclusive in cultural diversity. These skills have also been transferred to teaching in University and Church settings in California.

Art Statement

It is not only a matter of choosing to do the right thing, but of understanding diversity as a source of cultural inspiration.

I want the arts to be an inclusive world; a building open to all.

I believe that artistic innovation can introduce students to Contemporary and postmodern paradigms of art making. Teaching them about art from diverse social, cultural, and aesthetic perspectives and in showing students how to create and use materials in an innovative manner. Thus opening their eyes to possibilities that may be overlooked by less-inventive people.

Moreover the arts should respond to the demands and opportunities of new political, social, economic and technological endeavors.

If you have an inquiry please feel free to call me at: (323) 946-2348 or email me at: [email protected]


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His work is dope! He has done two paintings for my wife.
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March 21, 2019

Frequently asked questions

I. Explore ideas by asking questions for inspiration

II. Distribute Art Materials

III. Review the study lesson and introduce the Art Project

IV. Hands on practice and asking questions for those that are beginners as well as those that have experience.

V. Review the class and if things are not going well, stop the everything and refocus the class. If things are going well back out and let creativity flow.

VI. Critique time allows for learning without discouragement through affirmation and discovery.

VII. Discuss Art and Art History in their lives and review what was learned and how they learned.

VIII. Set up and forshadow up-coming sessions to activate thinking, sketching, and journaling, sub-conscious thinking and ideas.

A.S. in Graphic Illustration & one year of training workshops + 20 years as a self-taught Artist in Oil, Acrylic, Collage, & Mised Media techniques. Aquainted with Pop-Art, Surrealism, Contemporary Expressionist-Portraiture, & Abstract Art-Informel

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