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Richard Hollinger Basketball/Fitness

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I am currently playing at a junior college as a second year player. At the highschool level I was awarded with the MVP award for my area and made the areas all star game. Since then I've learned a lot in college that would have skyrocketed my abilities in highschool. My goal would be to teach these techniques I've learned as well as change your mindset about the game and turn you into not only a good player, but a winner who is able to turn heads.


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Oliver E.

Having moderate basketball experience previous to my training, Richard was able to break down the game into what I was doing correct and what needed correcting. His level of expertise really helped in the training and the experience was nothing but informative and helpful. As a result of training with Richard, I am an improved basketball player and enjoy the game more than ever
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August 30, 2017

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When working with a student I want to first check their fundamental skills. The game is built around fundamentals and you can build yourself into a great player with those skills alone. From their I would like to begin to change the way the player thinks about the game turning him into the kind of player who wants to win at all costs and will grab coaches attention.

Jc basketball player

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Basketball coach for a father 

15$ per hour for one on one. Group training is 5$ per person per hour.

My dad was a coach so I fell in love with the game and it has always been my dream to coach and teach other players.

Find someone who has worked to get to where they are. Basketball is not a sport that you can just show up and be great. You have to have heart and passion.

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