Art By Marianne

Art By Marianne

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Sacramento artist Marianne Gonzales has been creating art for as long as she can remember. As a very active and rebellious youngster, Marianne began creating art when her mother bought her first painting set as a way to “calm her down”. Creating artwork has been a calming force in her life very since. She did her first oil on canvas painting in Junior High School and fell in love. While oil painting continues to be her favorite medium she has recently been experimenting with mixed media and acrylic. Her artwork has shown at galleries in California and Oregon, included in private collections and published in Horizons and Worship Leaders magazines as illustrations for articles. She currently curates the Art of Faith gallery and annual art show at her church in Sacramento. She is a former art docent at Earl Warren Elementary School in Sacramento. In 2017 she was proud to be the chairperson for the Crocker Art Museum’s annual fundraiser “Big Name, Small Art”. Marianne is available for private and group lessons and is accepting commissions. Here's what some of her students say:

“I've never painted a painting before. Thank you, Marianne Gonzales for showing us how this is done!”

“It was so fun! Great idea. I'll be looking forward to the next one!”

“It was scary at first! Once I realized it didn't have to perfect, I started really enjoying painting. I think it could be addictive!!! “

“Thanks, Marianne. And you are a wonderful teacher!

Her artwork can be seen at and @artbymariannegonzales.

My favorite part about teaching people to paint and draw is to see the excitement and satisfaction on their faces when they succeed. When they create their first "masterpiece" and are able to share it with family and friend as something to be proud of.


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When I retired, I knew I was interested in art, painting in particular. So, I took a water color class, where everyone advised me to start with a good drawing class. A friend recommended Marianne and I enrolled. The class has been immensely valuable. I think of the lessons I learned about form, composition, space, intensity, values and perspective every time I paint. Marianne gave me a really good foundation for both creating my own work and for enjoying the art I see. Marianne was so encouraging to me and everyone in her friendly and engaging class. Thanks Marianne!!
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March 19, 2018

Adele O.

Marianne gave me a series of drawing classes carefully graduated in complexity. She began with simple exercises in tone and slowly over five weeks taught me to observe light, composition, the uses of negative space, perspective, and form using light and shadow. From there she extended my education in creating visual art to painting, encouraging me in how to approach color, medium, and brushwork. She further encouraged me to explore the medium through classes with other teachers to broaden my exposure to various styles and approaches to painting.
She has been unwavering in encouraging me to develop as an artist. And she approaches students as fellow artists, which is incredibly generous and affirming .
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March 16, 2018

Nancy B.

Shes an excellent teacher and takes great pride in her students. She is focused and thorough besides being very knowledgable. She has a wonderful attitude and I love working with her. Shes a fantastic artist, that shows when she teaches.
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March 15, 2018

Frequently asked questions

Lesson #1 Getting to know each other.  What are your goals?  Why do you want to create art? We start with learing about the materials.  We spend time just playing with the materials and tools and getting use to them.

Lesson #2 Then we will work on how to observe how light effects objects and how it effects color.  This is the basics.  If you don't understand how light works to create shape and value then you will not be successful.

Lesson #3 Then we go on to discuss and practice what makes a good composition.

Lesson #4 We will learn about perspective and other things depending on the student's goals. 

My price is based on a two hour lesson.  The standard price is $35 per student.  It will be slightly more if I provide the materials.

I have been creating and studing drawing and painting most of my life.  Recently I began curating art shows with the main goal being to encourage artists to share their art.  After one of these shows one of the woman who was there to see the show told me that she had always wanted to learn to draw.  She asked me if I would consider teaching her.  I thought about it for awhile and told her I would.  I put together lesson plans and examples based on what I believe to be some of the most important skills an artist needs to master to be successful.

I have worked with all types of students including children. 

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