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I teach all aspects of learning art! I offer a realism-bassed drawing approach that has our students drawing what they want, how they want without exception. Beginning painting is for expression and color exploration and that leads to advanced color mixing and composition theory. My students come to learn art but stay because all of your questions get answered and with big smiles through and through.

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From a parent: "My daughter was fortunate to have Jason Budowski (Mr. B) as her school art teacher for 4 years and she's continuing to learn from him through virtual classes. He's had a huge impact on her artistic development by teaching her new techniques; helping her develop and refine her skills; and introducing her to new mediums. She's had a noticeable gain in confidence and it really shows in her work. I've had a chance to check in on some of the virtual classes and the students really seem to enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere while still getting the guidance and support they need. My daughter says 'He's been a really great mentor and I don't know where my art would be without him. He keeps classes fun while keeping a focus on the art.' We highly recommend working with him!" Bill C.


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    Karen B.

    Jason Budowski, my teacher, was very knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and easy to schedule with.
    It was very inspiring to work with Jason.
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    September 11, 2021
    Hired on Lessons

    Sophie K.

    Teacher very approchable, talented and inspiring! The classes are well done.
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    August 27, 2021
    Hired on Lessons

    Nicole R.

    Watching the confidence and skill level of my daughter evolve as she worked with the art instructor online has been priceless.
    The instructor really knows how to relate to various age groups to provide fun, educational and productive assignments that the can continue to build upon.
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    July 20, 2021

    Seth K.

    Responsiveness to kids interests, encouragement of their creativity, respect for their perspectives.
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    July 20, 2021

    Sarah B.

    My two boys ages 10 and 13 love art with Mr. B! He is engaging, fun and always able to come up with age appropriate subjects for them to work on. He has also taught my eldest son techniques to draw very accurately. After a few lessons with Mr B., the drawings of all his students are impressive.
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    July 20, 2021

    Mina K.

    My daughter loves loves anything Mr B teaches. He understands kids at this age and is incredibly inspiring and encouraging in their creative as well as their technical development at all levels
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    July 19, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    New students are encouraged to share what influences have shaped their artisitic tastes.  Some students know exactly what they want and we get started on creating a portfolio of work that will serve as something to be proud of, or use for highschool and college admissions. Most students show up and just want to have fun with art.  We start with drawing lessons and encourage being in a creative environment with other young artists. Some know what medium they want to work in so we build the skills.  In general we offer critiques and lessons that build confidence!  

    I’ve had the unique privilege of teaching 5th through 8th graders and developing content that challenges my students at each level as they get older and learn to see the world around them. I have a BA from UC Davis in Fine Art, have learned from Wayne Thiebaud, and have been trained in classical realism from various instructors. Everything else I’ve self-taught or have learned from my students. I teach a modified method of classical realism that I’ve developed to allow all my students to be able to draw well and keep in fun. 

    I have hourly coaching fees with are designed to create portfolios, improve on specific or general areas, and build on skills within a specific medium. I offer discounts for bulk purchases or classes.  

    I switched careers from digital marketing in 2015 and returned to art. It had always been my plan but I realized that I enjoyed spending time with younger artists.  They seem to absorb information at an astonishing rate and it made it ideal to teach them, work with them and even be challenged artistically by working with kids and teens.  I was hired as the art teacher in private school in SF and now continue to online as I have a child I'm looking after as he stays at home during Covid.  I hope to return to in-person teaching in the near future. 

    I've primarily work with students from 4th grade through highschool.  The youngest students I teach are 8 years old. 

    I love to paint waves. I recently was scouting out scenes to paint and found myself down at Gray Whale Cove, just south of Pacifica, when the sun was rising over the cliffs that cover the beach.  The sunlight lit up the sand as if it were pure gold and waves were full of colors you'd never think existed in a wave.  I was able to recreate what I saw in a painting 4 by 2 feet in size.  

    When looking for a teacher, first decide what you want to create. Is it realism, abstract, character design, anime, landscapes, surrealism?  Then find teachers whose work inspires you and who you would like to paint like.  Most often when learning with a teacher you adopt their frame of mind as well as their process all for the goal of creating art like them.  So love their workmand learn as much as you can from them.  Then find other teachers to expand on your learning and style.

    What is driving you to learn art?  This can be a simple answer or it can be a long winded one, but either way it should resonate within you.  Art is something that comes within and it's important you have an idea of what you like, what you want to create, and why you are doing so.  Again, this doesn't have to be well defined because if it were, you'd probably be a writer.  So have a sense of what you want to be creating... and enjoy the process!

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