Lessons With Misha

Lessons With Misha

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Misha helps individuals find & achieve their musical goals in various styles and various instruments. He has done so for many years for many clients at highly established commercial institutions, but mainly just through private clients taking weekly lessons. Some of his clients include famous current musicians who started from scratch with him. In addition, he is qualified to teach music based his level of expertise determined by his academic degree, and high level of experience in the music industry playing on award winning recordings, concerts with famous musicians, and a lineage of very special instructors who have passed their knowledge down to him.

On the Menu (pick one or multiple):

Styles: Classical, Rock, Latin, Gypsy, Klezmer, Folk, Americana, Pop, Electronic, and many more!

Instruments: Violin, Piano, Viola, Cello, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin, and many more!

Type: Acoustic, Electric, Electronic, or Virtual

Methods: Suzuki merged with Misha's, Earballing, Tablature made for specific songs, Misha's Training Exercises, method books, etudes, scales, improvisation, and Many More!



SDMA 2014 Music Award for Best Americana Album in Violin and Cello with Midnight Pine

Other SDMA Nominations

Institutions Worked For:

2000-2005 - CCPAA - Children's Creative and Performing Arts Academy - Music Conductor and Strings Coach

2006-2007 - National City Schools Camp Wings - Orchestra Conductor

2011-2014 - OTA - Old Town Academy - Orchestra Conductor

2013-2014 - MISD - Music Coordinator

Famous Students:

Annelle Gregory, Vasi Hunton, and Many More!

Academic Degree: UCSD BA in Music (Composition & Violin/Piano Performance)

Misha's Instructors and Lineages:

Lynne-Marie Friedrichs; student of a student of Fritz Kreisler; student of a student of Beethoven.

Janos Negyesy - Former concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic.

Chinary Ung - recipient of the Grawemeyer Award. The highest award for music composition

Gypsy Uncle David Levin - Gypsy Guitarist who memorized 2000 songs, and Soviet orchestral trumpeter.

Geiza the gypsy - Romanian gypsy violinist

Sam Burlakovsky - Russian klezmer/gypsy/classical violinist

Andrew Infanti - Pianist

Aleck Karis - Pianist

Ed Harkins - UCSD Rhythm Theorist, and virtuoso trumpeter for Fania AllStars

Phil Larsen - UCSD Avante Garde Vocalist, and tonal expert

Nellie Shprintz - Virtuoso Russian Classical Pianist

Steve Takasugi - Japanese/Israeli composer

Jon Fonville - UCSD composer

Lou Fanucchi - World Champion Accordionist; Student of Gallerini; Student of Astor Piazolla

Noteworthy Gigs:

Concertmaster violinist for Poway Orchestra

Concertmaster violinist for St. Bartholomew Church

Violin & Cello Recording Artist for Audio Design Studios

Recorded with Midnight Pine on "Buried" Album

Recorded with Trent Hancock on "Lion and the Lady"

Recorded with Blaise Christopher Guld on "Past Forward"

Opened for the Eagles with iEarth Music

Played for the Grand Opening of the Grand Hilton hotel in downtown San Diego for the Hilton Family

Played for a private executive NAMM show dinner with iEarth Music

Played with Amadou Fall of Sene Africa as a Duet all over Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla dinner Parties.

Played with Sene Africa

Toured many electro-gypsy weddings all over California with Orchestra Mustachio

Gypsy Bands Busno, and The Klezmanian Devils

Jefferson Jay Band, Frhad Bahrami

Latin Jazz, Salsa and Cumbia Pianist and Accordionist for Cafe Moliendo, Bill Caballero, Charlie Chavez & More!

Tango Violinist for Lou Fanucchi (world champion accordionist)


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My son really enjoyed learning from him! Were wanting to hire you again Misha!
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September 15, 2021

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UCSD Bachelors in music, and a teaching credential in Media, Arts, & Entertainment.

All ages & all skill levels. Some became famous musicians as a career.

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