American Family Kenpo Karate

American Family Kenpo Karate



We have a family focused martial arts school. Designed for the whole family.

We teach the most modern self-defense system available today.

Our system is simple and easy to learn not to mention affordable.

Mr. Wilson is one of the highest ranking legitimate American Kenpo black belt in the San Diego Area

American Kenpo teacher in San Diego. He holds the rank of 9th° Master. His instructor Senior Grand Master Hebler is one of the highest Black belts in the world train directly under Senior Grand Master Parker. Master Wilson is only one of seven 9thdegree black belts under Senior Grandmaster Heber in the world.

We enjoy teaching all ages starting at age 3 we teach men women and children.

Our first class is always free just give us a call or text


See you on the mat!


Hired 1 time
28 years in business
Serves Spring Valley , CA

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    Frequently asked questions

    We will teach you to be the best that you can be.

    Master Wilson has been training in the art of American Kenpo Karate for the past 30 years.  

    He opened his first school in September 1997 he has a very well established martial arts school in the San Diego area.

    His full curriculum Is also available on DVD

    $99 per month

    First class is absolutely free no obligation

    Mr. Wilson started training in lemon Grove California under Darby Lee Darrow a retired San Diego police officer and became full-time Swat.  At Lemon Grove Dojo they taught numerous San Diego police officers, Navy SEALs, all forms of active military, security and average people Kenpo Karate is designed for everyone.

    Law-enforcement, DEA, Swat, Navy SEALs, Active military, security, bodyguards, bouncers, US customs officers, border patrol agents, lawyers, doctors, children, teens, adult men and women.

    Mr. Wilson also teaches workshops and seminars all over the United States.

    Make sure this system of martial arts you are looking for fits your wants and needs.  If you are looking for self-defense make sure the school teaches the most advanced self defense system for today's environment.  A lot of schools are traditional and a lot of self defense techniques are outdated.

    You should always make sure the first class is free see you can try it and see for yourself if it's what you're truly looking for.

    Make sure the hours are convenient for you and you will be able to continue training.

    Make sure the price is affordable and fits your budget.

    Best of all make sure that the instructors Credentials are legitimate.

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