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When you work with Jim Gleeson you will experience the best in “old school “ academic instruction. Jim has a passion for painting and drawing in a classic realistic style that is easy for students to learn and grow artistically at a rapid pace.

Jim is on the facuty of San Francisco’s Premire Art College “The Academy of Art”. Draw on over 20 years of teaching experiece in drawing and painting James can design an instructional program that will meet and exceed the expectations of all students.

Each program is designed to fit the needs of all students. The learning program is rigorous and demanding. Each student will be pushed and encouraged to break out of any bad habits and will be encouraged to use best practices when creating their art.

I really enjoy working with beginners. I find the enthusiasm and openness speeds the way they grow artistically. I enjoy the process and use proven methods to get students to the best level faster.

I have been teaching at a college level for 22 ys as of 2020. I also run a gallery and art studio so am experienced with techniques and methods as well as framing and presentation of work. I am very knowledgeable about materials and love to pass along useful information to all my students.

The classes I teach each week keep me engaged with the Art community and other artists in particular. I enjoy the company of artistic people who always bring a different approach to a variety of subjects. You know what they say "you become who you associate with" ever since art school I always hung out with working artists. Now I am one and I love it!

I am associated with SF open Studios and worked many years with the Society of Western Artists. I am a signature member of the CWA and AWS watercolor societies and have women awards in National exhibitions.

My art skills and teaching abilities have allowed me to work with Grumbacher and Liquitex Corporations as a teacher and product demonstrator and I have travelled Nationally.

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34 years in business
Serves San Francisco , CA

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    Marcia N.

    Not all artists can teach but Jim Gleason
    has that gift. He is not only a wonderful artist, he is a great teacher. He is extremly professional and highly organized .
    With a subtle sense of humor, he . inspires and motivates you as he generously shares his vast knowledge.
    You will enjoy having him as your teacher. You will learn a lot!
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    February 14, 2018

    Joyce R.

    From Joyce Rosenstiel
    Re James Gleeson
    In my years as both a teacher and an administrator, I spent over fifteen years evaluating teachers.
    Jim Gleeson is an outstanding teacher for many reasons. Here are a few
    1. He understands that people learn in different ways, so he uses the white board for visual learners.
    2. He repeats what is important about the lesson, for oral learners,
    3. He demonstrates so you actually get to see what you will be learning,
    4. He goes around to give individual help so you can get out of trouble if you are having concept difficulty.
    5. He never denigrates, but gives suggestions in a positive way.
    6. We are very lucky to have hime working with us.
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    February 14, 2018

    Janice B.

    Just about everything. He explains, demonstrates and then assigns. He is extremely helpful. And best of all, he is positive.
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    February 14, 2018

    Grant L.

    I have been drawing for many years and doing watercolors for about 15. I have worked with a number artists but never had the basic skill building that Jim presents. He provides excellent demonstrations followed by hands on experience and supervision. His critiques are positive and informative. Jim also is good at helping with projects that students are working on that are not part of the days lesson. I hope to continue to work with Jim because my skills and insights are growing with his help.
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    February 13, 2018

    susan k.

    I have had Jim Gleeson for a group class as well as taking private classes from him in his studio. There are many good artists out there but few can teach as well as him. He is so well versed in so many mediums and can enthusiastically teach it all. I first started out in a watercolor class with him and realized that I needed more drawing instructions which I did with him in his studio. It helped immensely, he was great at bringing it down to my level and really helping me...I could go on and on...but I wont!
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    February 13, 2018

    Edna A.

    Jim is very knowledgeable of his subject and a great art teacher! Knows his stuff! I enjoy learning from him. His lessons are well thought out and structured. He presents the art lesson in a clear and pleasant manner and his demonstrations and follow-up to the lesson are well done. He is enthused about teaching art to others. It is pleasant being in his class, and when I leave, I am excited about applying and expanding on the lesson in my studio. Makes me want to paint even more!
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    February 13, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    Each student will meet or correspond with Jim and discuss what they want to get out of the educational experience. All levels of instruction are available from beginner to experienced. Students who are willing will be assessed as to their level of experience and a course of study will be designed to meet each individuals needs and wants.

    If the student has specific needs such as learning styles or techniques a specific learning program can be arranged. For example some students want to learn to paint watercolor using a traditional technique. Other individuals want to learn a specific technique such as loose opaque oil painting application. All this can be discussed either online or in person with Jim. 

    James also offers a group class that is a great way for new students to see first hand how and where Jim provides art instruction.
    Interested New students can sign up and participate in the class on a 1 time basis with no obligation to take any more lessons. If they like the teacher and the studio they can sign up for individual instruction. The group class meets every Saturday at 11 am to 1230 pm at 148 Precita Ave in San Francisco  and all materials are included for $45 per person. Contact Jim by email [email protected] to schedule

    James has been a drawing and painting instructor in the SF Bay Area for over 20 us. A graduate of the Academy of Art University and current Faculty member. 
    James has been teaching new students to draw and paint for over 20 years. His program uses proven methods that get the best results fast. He specializes in beginners and intermediate students in drawing and painting. 

    We offer an introductory group class that meets every Saturday at 11am to 1230 pm at James Gleeson Studio 148 Precita Ave.

    This class is great for beginners or people or groups who want to see and experience Jim's teaching abilities and evaluate the studio environment.
    All the student needs to do is confirm with Jim they want to participate in the class and tell how many people will attend. Next you just show up and paint with the group, all materials and drawing included. Introductory price only $45 per person and you get 90 min of painting and walk away with a painting.

    This is an excellent way to meet and work with Jim in a group teaching setting.
    Individual lessons are available at a rate of $75.00 per lesson minimum 6 lessons required. Only serious students should take these sessions as they include homework and critique.

    I attended the Academy of Art and was a student teacher during school. My professors said I had the ability to teach others by demonstrating artistic principles I was learning at the time. 
    I enjoy working with beginners and encouraged many new artists to push themselves to grow artistically.

    I have been teaching over 20 ys and still enjoy the process.

    I primarily work with new and intermediate level students. I love beginners and can show them the basics to get them up to higher skill levels quickly. I use proven methods that anyone can master to become competent in drawing and painting.

    I recently was the instructor at a corporate painting Team building event at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco. I worked with 50 non artists and only had an hour to get them to complete a group of paintings that were to be assembled together to form 2 large paintings. 
    The event went so well they framed and installed the work in their offices. The participants were amazed they could paint so fast and effectively. My methods are fun and easy to learn!

    I suggest you meet with and discuss what you want from the instructor before you sign up for lessons. Don't be impulsive and go with the first person you see. If you have the opportunity to join a class that they teach try it to see if you are compatible with the instructor.

    I also suggest some self analysis to determine just what your needs are. Find out what you like to do artistically. Do you like drawing or oil painting? Are you interested in realism or more abstract styles? What is your experience level. Are you a beginner or an experienced artist trying to learn new techniques?

    It really helps the instructor understand what the student outcome should be. 

    What is your inspiration? 
    what do you want to do? 
    Do you have any experience?
    How committed are you ?
    How much time are you willing to commit to learning?

    Can you travel to the teacher or do you need the teacher to visit you? Do you have health issues that may impede your progress.

    Can you take honest feedback and adjust your work methods to improve your skills? 

    What artistic styles are you interested in learning? Realism or abstraction? If it is realism can you draw? 
    Have you ever studied how to mix color? Do you understand color theory?
    What materials do you have? Can you afford to purchase materials and do you have a place to work? 

    Services offered