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Offers online services
Offers online services


Please CONTACT ME VIA FB + see my Q+A below, eg my “typical process for working with a new student“! 🙏

I began with Nature, Wildlife, Product + Event Photography before I became a Celebrity Photographer; but I've always been Moved by Music! 🎵 My WorkStory Portfolio reveals My Images, PLUS "BTS" of my Studio + Production work, foundations of the "Big Picture": creating Optimal Photography for ANY Situation. 📸

“Finessing fine-art photography of musicians, humanity, architecture, nature ~ a full range from meticulous details to grand patterns emerges ~ optimizing arrangements of form, perspective, color, light & technology to share timeless, quintessential images ~ this is perhaps my deepest passion. My life is guided by Higher Purpose ~ always endeavoring to create the greatest good for life in our universe. With each representation of subject & style, I seek to exalt the Spirit, conveying beauty, inspiration and self-realization. Music has been a constant current and frequent focus throughout this journey ~ as we are but waveforms, best served by harmony & congruence. I live to serve Truth, Justice, Emotional Power... to improve myself, and our world.”

— Michael Wisnieux.

Michael Wisnieux’s favorite subjects have been Musicians, since initiating his professional photography career at age 14. Via articulate expression & emotional connection, their charisma, insightful subject matter, and socio-political issues have motivated Michael’s work. By recording and presenting the world’s most inspiring communicators, manifesting moments of peak performance, Michael shares his love of beauty in sound and image, for others to embrace.

The inspiration for Michael Wisnieux’s photography was seeded by his advertising-industry father. Norbert collected, on cassette & camera, each detail of Michael’s life with loving attention and communication. His grammar-school graduation gift, a 35mm Canon AT-1, quickly enabled professional work; and after high-school graduation, Michael designed & built a sophisticated B&W darkroom, developing innovative analog photochemical techniques. He has worked in most formats: e.g. 35mm, Hasselblad, Fuji GX680, & view cameras to 11×14”; extending his style via Scitex, & Macintosh computers since their introduction.

The WISNIEUX ICONS series features large limited-edition prints, elegant color-enhanced digital remasters of his analog originals – some of the most influential figures in rock-and-roll. Michael’s photographic legacy includes covering the historically influential Chicago music scene of the 1980s and ‘90s, e.g. Stevie Ray Vaughan at the 1983 final ChicagoFest; David Bowie’s Sound+Vision tour with Adrian Belew; Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation tour; and Bjork with the Sugarcubes (all 1990). 40′′ tall metallic prints of these legendary classics have been seen as February 2016’s Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk Featured Artist; at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery for the month of World Art Day April 2015; and at Michael’s own WIZNU Studio+Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. Michael also served as Featured Artist #1 & Moderator for Sept. 2016’s “Fine Art – The Hive Gallery Photography Show.” They are available for sale at: SaatchiArt.com/wisnieux

Mr. Wisnieux also explores the ethereal and Divine, torn between material necessity and the compulsion to serve Higher Purpose. His Roman Catholic father Norbert decided at age 7 in 1934 to raise his only child named after Michael the Archangel, the “General of the Armies of God.” Michael’s angelic imagery balances the challenge of good and evil within ourselves and in All that we encounter. We see Dark & Light in his representations of the Divine Masculine & Feminine, Natural & Artificial – as his impulse struggles to “Do the Right Thing.”

An artist of multiple media, Michael has consistently combined his love for music, photography, and film – uniting diverse artists in unique, exciting, innovative, and well-regarded collaboration. Michael constantly researches topics from technology to social trends, and invests his time learning each new subject, listening for unique elements enabling expression and empowerment. He is a proud member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP.org), and offers the Wisnieux.com/MasterClass for photographers refining their skills to elevate their work.

Please CONTACT ME VIA FB; I've been unable to upload images properly to Lessons.com; please see:

Wisnieux Photo : Master Class Promo • 2016.06.30

https://youtu.be/tayhwSOC7ac • And:


"I love people. 😇 I love helping people to be their best – in life, and in business, and in front of my cameras!

How do we create Photography as World-Class Art?

If art is individualistic skilled creation producing emotional response, then refining your skills and self-expression will be a productive journey affecting many areas of your life!

Together, we will improve your technical skills, as they expand your distinctive passions.

Composition, Lighting, Posing —

• Optimally Arranging subject, background, foreground, camera, lights & props — for any subject, in any location —

• truly Seeing, and working with existing Light — and adding simple, or professional, equipment to shape the right light for your subject —

• Communication — connecting with your subject, creating relaxed and effective energy for both of you to shine.

I look forward to create with you, Photography as Art!"


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    Race O.

    Michael is a fantastic teacher.
    He is VERY comprehensive and will take a deep-dive on your desired topic of choice, just ask him.
    Likewise, his historical knowledge of photography is second to none.
    I always enjoy learning something new and unexpected when working with Michael.
    If you are interested in learning photography from the beginning or expanding your existing knowledge, Michael is your teacher.
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    May 20, 2019


    Don D.

    Michael has taken some of the best pictures and videos of me and my bands over the years. Hes one of best, both as a photographer and videographer. He also did a lot to further my career/hobby as a videographer by teaching me lighting, camera angles, depth of field tricks, etc.
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    May 18, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    First, we discuss the Student's Life, Interests, Influences and Goals. (See Below for Pricing Info.)

    Without being intrusive, the more we know about the individual, the more we can nurture Art to be Personally Satisfying, Distinctive and Successful. 

    Each Lesson is customized to the Student's needs. Technical information can instuct equipment choices and optimized use, while Aesthetic guidance can maximimize the Artist's efficacy of Style and Message.

    Each Assignment expands upon the Student's level of Skill and Awareness, providing comfortable situations, encouragement and constructive critique plus the excitement of Exploring What's NU!

    Michael Wisnieux is a lifelong media professional. As a producer, photographer, filmmaker and performer raised in Chicago's advertising industry, Wisnieux works with whatever tools are available to communicate truth, beauty and healing. Michael’s broad performance experience since age 5 and advanced training provides skills and empathy dramatically expanding the quality of collaborations with talent, from untrained to world-class professionals.
    Michael endeavors to evolve an ethical legacy of content and collaboration creating the greatest good, for the Team and the Community: "From each according to one's means, to each according to their needs.”
    International Film & TV Workshops — Rockport, Maine
    Director of Photography Workshop — Adam Holender, A.S.C.
    Northwestern University — Evanston IL
    BS, Radio-TV-Film (orig. Mechanical Engineering)
    • Internship: Media Process Group — Lighting designer, sound assistant, camera operator, editing 
    • Internship: Modern Image Productions — Camera operator, sound engineer, production assistant
    Loyola Academy — Wilmette IL
    AP (Advanced Placement) English & Latin, Honors Philosophy,
    Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Design; Math Team; Natl. Latin Exam award-winner;
    3 yrs. as Photo Editor of The Prep, LA's student newspaper & oldest organization, founded 1912.09.20.
    D.P./Producer/etc. with MaderFilm.com 
    Displacement; Rebirth; Dreamland; Subterrain; SuperMentors; The Guard series pilot trailer. Financing, Writing, Logistics, Locations, Lighting, Assistance, etc. https://vimeo.com/showcase/4920033/
    Marketing Associate, Dick Michaels Productions 
    Gary DeCarlo/Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye 2017" Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart: 2 weeks @ #2, 8 wks total. Logistics, Technology, Coaching.
    Ownership, Design, Construction & Operations
    Owned & operated WIZNU.com Studio+Gallery on Gallery Row in DTLA's Historic Core. Media + Event Production incl.: Music Innovation Summit; the USA's first 2 World Art Day UNESCO events; Abby Martin; Women’s Day +History Month; monthly ArtWalk events; 6-month residency by Andrea Brook’s Sonic Butterfly w/Fiona Joy, etc; see Events Demo https://youtu.be/CHduw97n-tM Design+construction, "from scratch" in raw space, on a "middle-class budget." Personnel, management, events: all tasks incl. sound, photo, graphics & video creation.
    Wisnieux.com/MasterClass Instructor
    Photography Master Class: Composition, Lighting, Posing; + capturing That Magic Moment!
    Glen Campbell’s Malibu Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award • https://youtu.be/XfiXVxspVJc
    Inventor Steven Vetter: Flying Sub toy design, prototype built + tested. Green Supercar developed.
    Inventor Benjamin Sitnikoff: ergonomic music instrument design + methodology development.
    Photography/Image- Design/Marketing
    Clients: music groups, magazines & organizations; dancers, politicians, IBM, A&M Records, etc. — Janet Jackson, David Bowie, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Murphy, Laurie Anderson, Sting, Bjork, Dizzy Gillespie, Secy. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, etc.
    Guest Speaker
    Women In Film, NARAS, Wright College — screenings/discussions of film work
    Producer/D.P., Grand Cinema Productions
    Last Day In Chicago (75 min. B&W) {Best Films of 1994, Chicago Reader; Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes 1995}& Wizard of Austin Boulevard (30 min. Color/B&W) — {both: Winners, Chicago International Film Festival} — Writer/Dir.: Louis Antonelli • see playlist on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OirmLKumbN0&list=PLE4dEvA22QzDXjZ-cS2352Kh3xBiwOy-9 or Vimeo https://vimeo.com/showcase/4916182
    Studio Mechanic
    A League of Their Own: Rigging Electrician — The Babe: Electrician, Swing Gang — Straight Talk: Rigging Electrician — Watch It: Grip — Mo’ Money: Carpenter — The Public Eye: Swing Gang — In the Company of Darkness: (TV Movie) Grip
    Promotions &/or Management
    Smashing Pumpkins, Scott Bennett’s A Fine Mess, Gloryhounds (became Pulsars), The End, Churchill Slam, Ghost Swami, Dream of Trains, Coven of Thieves, Exxentricity
    Producer (& all positions)
    Chicago Access Corp. — ENG, 4-camera remote truck, studio, editing
    Prince Akeem (Chicago Tip Records/BMG) video Swingin’ https://youtu.be/OirmLKumbN0 — Director: Louis Antonelli. Producers: Reid Hyams, Craig Williams, Kurt Kellison, Perry Stebor c/o Lois/GGK. Rotation on MTV, BET, etc. via Hangin’ with the Homeboys soundtrack; featured Louis Farrakhan Jr. performing on trumpet
    Camera Operator
    Trip Shakespeare (A&M Records) video Pearle https://youtu.be/4lfMjQoHmAA — Director: Kevin Kerslake, the seminal MTV & commercial auteur — MTV Rotation included feature on The Week In Rock
    D.P./Camera Operator
    Wrath (Enigma/Medusa Records) music videos Insane Society https://youtu.be/c5CGE_bUABI & Test of Faith https://youtu.be/x-ETlVij7LE — Director: Kurt Kellison, Atavistic Video — Heavy rotation on MTV — introduced on Headbanger’s Ball by Lita Ford
    D.P./Camera Operator
    Cabaret Metro 16mm film :30 spot — played on MTV https://youtu.be/oDkN5CDbWm4
    Photo Editor
    XBX Magazine — Chicago “music & lifestyles” format
    Wedding Photographer
    Rembrandt Studios — 6 yrs: weekends, on-location – one of Chicago’s 2 largest Wedding Photography studios – the youngest in their history. 
    Photo Assistant
    Kranzten Studio — 3 summers (at the time, the “world’s largest photo studio”) Preproduction, set styling, lighting, tech assistance, sheet film processing to 11x14”

    $100 per hour 
    2-hour minimum in-person
    10% Discount for 5+ Hours Paid In Advance
    Standard Mileage  < 10 mile from Ventura & Balboa, $2 /mile beyond.

    I've always been inclined to be of service, inherited from my Blessed Mother! Even in kindergarten, I'd help less-fortunate children, eg. teaching how to tie their shoes! "Paying forward" one's gifts is how humanity evolves. 

    Thursday, 2016.07.28, our WIZNU Studio co-production with Startups in the Sky – the Music Innovation Summit and Afterparty featuring the Sony Magic Bus 3.0 by Jon Whitledge c/o Whitledge Designs, and associates Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Toto, Supertramp, Business Rockstars) & internationally-touring Shelita Burke (MTV, NPR, Amazon) as they launched Ignited.Network, creating both Music and Business together –

    "Putting power in the artists’ hands: a proprietary direct to consumer business & publishing network monetizing creator-to-fan relationships."

    Event Overview Video:
    Facebook Live Webcast:

    Listen carefully to Communication Style, with attention to Empathy. Success and Experience will not affect you as much as Attention to YOUR style and goals!

    Are you ready to Commit to the Journey, no matter how Long it may take to reach Mastery? 

    If you only need a few quick tips to improve your understanding, that's OK also!

    I always recommend Clarity of Communication, to avoid ANY disappointment for the Student AND the Teacher.

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