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Offers online services


I'm a guitar instructor that will personalize a custom program detailed to what you would like to learn - with guaranteed results! Teaching at Santa Monica College, the Los Angeles Music and Art School, several other private schools and individual private lessons, has provided me with an efficient well rounded approach to help students learn fast.

Teaching people music and particularly learning to play the guitar is nothing short of wonderful. I consider every lesson special detailed specifically for the student I'm working with.


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Offers online services

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    Danielle G.

    Peter is extremely nice. He pushes you, but is nice along the way. He is very strong and adamant about teaching and using the proper fundamentals, and gives you lots of tips to reinforce this. Highly recommend Peter as a teacher. He is one of the best.
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    February 16, 2017


    Amy P.

    Pete was awesome! He worked us into his schedule and we really got a great lesson in our hours time! Would definitely recommend. Quick response, and great communication. You can tell he has a passion for music and wants the student to find joy in it as well!
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    February 16, 2017


    Kenny L.

    Pete is phenomenal.
    Im a guy who has taken a lot of music lessons in his life. I played classical piano for 13 years and only just started playing guitar. Ive taken voice lessons and jazz piano classes here and there, and have done a lot of self-study and experimentation. I found Pete when I took a Guitar for Beginners class at Santa Monica Community College, and now hes my private instructor.
    A good music instructor is truly a unique thing. Heres why I think Pete is an incredible teacher:
    He is personal.
    Music as a subject of learning is a very deep and abstract thing; you may be very far along in certain ways (knowing your classic music theory but not your jazz music theory, coming from piano but going into guitar, etc.). People take classes here and there and come from all sorts of backgrounds. Pete really makes the extra effort to cater his lessons and exercises specifically for you.
    He loves music.
    His enthusiasm for music is contagious. I have always been in love with music but rarely had the opportunity to share that joy with someone.
    He is incredibly experienced / knowledgeable.
    As an autodidact, I often pick up bad habits. Pete lives and breathes music for a living, and when he sees me exercising a bad habit, he would draw from his own experiences to explain why I should do it properly. None of that just because stuff I sometimes get from teachers who dont know what theyre talking about.
    He is nurturing.
    Music is an art of love. It becomes soulless and a chore if youre afraid to make mistakes or afraid to explore. Pete fosters a fun learning environment, and it really encourages students to love learning.
    I can go into much more detail, but these are only a few reasons why you should take lessons with Pete! He is definitely an instructor that I would want to keep for a long time.
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    February 16, 2017


    Pauline V.

    Peters great! You learn so much you cant get from, say, a Youtube video (the proper way to hold a guitar, best practices for how to play the tough chords, the right habits to form when you first start learning, etc.). His passion and patience with teaching is endless. I totally recommend him.
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    February 16, 2017


    Jackie K.

    If you want to learn to play the guitar, you MUST sign up and take lessons with Pete! His style of teaching made it a pleasure to come to class every week. I actually looked forward to class. There is no way I could have learned any of the chords without his help. Always attentive (dont think he wont see you hiding behind another student). You will learn all the steps necessary to play songs. I cant say enough on how much I enjoyed this class.
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    February 16, 2017


    Andrew B.

    Cant say enough good things about Pete. For a bargain price $, and in your own home, you get a really accomplished, studio quality musician with 30+ years of experience and limitless talent. His teaching method is tailored to you, yet also correct in terms of fundamentals, which means you learn real fast.
    Petes love of all types of music is also infectious. Plus when it came time to upgrade my equipment as I quickly got better, he was very supportive and knowledgeable in helping me get the right rig for the sound I want to create.
    Youd be hard pressed to find a better music teacher in LA. Im happy to write this review, something I never bother to do on Yelp.
    Call Pete NOW, and change your life with music! Youll be amazed.
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    February 16, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    When working with a new student - together we make an assessment of where you are with your playing and discuss where you want to go. Then we can create a course specifically designed around your personal interests.

    I've got a Bachelor's degree in music teaching for over 20 years, along with years of real world playing helps to make your learning process a breeze.

    There is a standard rate but it's based on your location and schedule. Email for rates.

    Teaching has always been natural for me and actually started teaching where I was taking lessons in NY at the age of 17. It truly was an immediate interconnection for me.

    All ages from 5 - 81 years old with all styles covered.

    Very often I have students tell me of bad experiences with previous instructors, pretty much on a regular bassis. There are many great players out there but many of which are not good conveyers of sharing knowledge and expertise. If you try one lesson with me you will instantly see I've got your best interest in mind with clear learning discovery for you.

    Simply think about what you want to learn and check with your prospective instructor to make sure they can handle what that is.

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