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Offers online services


I started gymnastics at the ripe age of two years old and competed until I was 18 years old when I won Worlds in 2007, and again in 2008 with my team in Miami Florida. Athletically it was something I knew I was meant to do since I was an infant flipping off of anything I could find!

At the age of 15 is when I first discovered dance at my performing arts high school where I started taking classes regularly. I then went on to graduate and get a full ride scholarship to college for cheerleading and gymnastics at University of Central Florida.

After graduating college I then went on to pursue my professional dance career and moved out to Los Angeles right after graduating where I was awarded a very prestigious spot on the EDGE Scholarship program where I was catapulted back into dancing 40 hours a week and was trained in every single dance style there is to learn. Upon graduating from there I was immediately signed to the most elite dance agency, McDonald Selznick Associates- where I was immediately sent out to audition. I booked the very first audition I went out for. Ever since then I have been very blessed to have stayed busy for the next 6 years leading to where I am now. I have danced for Prince, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Arcade Fire, Dancing With The Stars, America’s Got Talent, Earth Wind & Fire, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Erika Jayne, national commercials for Ross, Bose, and Muscle Milk, as well as the Golden Globes for La La Land the movie, to name a few.

When not touring with an artist or on set for a commercial or movie, I have truly found a passion for teaching and giving back my knowledge and experience to kids, as well as adults of any age that either want to pursue whatever it is they’re learning for their profession or even if it’s just for a hobby.

I am well well-versed in all styles of dance with the exception of ballroom which I am actually in the process of mastering myself right now. Important to never stop learning and growing. :) In addition however, I am also a teacher for tumbling/gymnastics/acrobatics lessons, cheerleading lessons, stretching/flexibility lessons, performance coaching with all of the above, as well as personal training!

Because of my cheerleading background (Top Gun All-stars large coed national champions 2007 and 2008, as well as University of Central Florida-Bronze finalists at Nationals 2009, 2010, and 2011) I have extensive knowledge in cheerleading as well. I can teach base (lifter) as well as flyer lessons and also technique and tumbling lessons for cheerleaders as well as jump lessons.

Because professional dancing is very body conscious I also enjoy fitness as it is a huge part of my life as well, and therefore truly enjoy personal training and getting people the results they want!

The thing I enjoy the most about teaching is seeing the results come to life and true joy and excitement my clients get from achieving their goals. Aside from the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, I think one of the aspects that makes me different from the rest is my attention for perfection and detail in whatever I teach. I don’t just want you to learn a new skill I want you to learn it to the best of your ability. I also believe my approach is filled with a lot of positivity and my energy is that which encourages and inspires- never discourages or using criticism. Positivity feeds positive results and that’s all you’re going to see in my lessons


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Frequently asked questions

I start with what they want as far as their goals.

I then do an evaluation of what they have at the most basic level and move through all the basics . Then I begin to teach techniques tailored to what they are trying to achieve. Drills for gymnastics. Dance combos and drills  for dance lessons. 

I have been training in all the areas I teach since I was two years old. Gymnastics/cheerleading- Top gun all-Stars Miami FL (one of the top cheerleading training centers in the world- 7 World Championships to date- 2 while I was on the team)

Dance- EDGE Performing Arts Center Scholarship Graduate 2013

Message me for details and breakdown :)

I have been teaching choreography since I was 16 to help pay for my team fees on Top Gun All-Stars. Ever since then it has always been a part of my life regardless of what I am doing. 

Children of all ages. Adults of all ages. I have taught workshops and classes for kids with autism and am very good with all learning levels. :)

Make sure the teacher can do and show what it is he or she is actually teaching. You have to walk the walk to talk the talk. 

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