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As a professional photographer I must not only utilize my technical skills and experience, but I also need to be able to adapt quickly to new and unforseen challenges as they arise.

As a teacher, this means going beyond the strict mathematics of exposure and composition so you can truly open up your creative possibilities. And if you're interested in making photography your profession, I can teach you everyday on-the-job skills that you won't find in online tutorials.

I'm fascinated with all aspects of my work, from the anticipation and planning of a project, to the on-site hustle of composing, staging, and lighting a shoot, to sitting down at the computer and working for hours through the post-production process.


11 years in business
Serves Denver , CO

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    Amber V.

    I took intro to flash photography earlier this summer and Jeff made a daunting subject easy to understand. Now I am able to use my flash in manual mode and actually know what Im doing!
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    November 15, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    The first thing I like to do is discover your learning style.  Whether you prefer to learn from charts and equations, or by simply picking up the camera and fiddling with the dials, I'll adapt to your preferences.

    Second, we'll pinpoint what's most important to you and hone in on that.  Do you want to become a sports photographer?  Are you going on vacation and want to learn your new camera's settings?  Did you get a new flash for your birthday and have no idea how it works?

    Third, we'll get right to it and start the fun part, which is turning you into an expert.

    I've had a camera in my hands since I was 10, got a Bachelor's degree in photography at 20, and started shooting professionally at 25. 

    Although I am now happily established as an architectural & interiors photographer, I started off shooting a variety of genres (portraits, weddings, pets, landscapes, products) while I searched for what fit me best.  Even though it took several years to hone in on my niche, much of my experience translated in one way or another to what I'm doing now.

    Here's a partial list of subjects I teach:

    -Camera basics (orientation)
    -Photography-related equipment instruction (tripods, lighting, light modifiers, gaffer tools, etc)
    -Photography theory
    -Tilt-shift lens instruction
    -Manual exposure
    -Flash photography, basic to advanced
    -Architectural photography
    -Landscape photography
    -Portrait photography
    -Photoshop, basic to advanced
    -Lightroom, basic to advanced
    -Digital post processing including color correction, color grading, black & white processing, cloning, compositing, frequency separation, effects.

    I have a scaled pricing system based on the complexity of the subject.

    If you hire a teacher and their method of teaching doesn't feel compatible with your method of learning, don't be afraid to try someone else. 

    Services offered

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