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Offers online services
Offers online services


I offer the best in guitar instruction on electric or acoustic guitar and bass guitar and have

many years of experience both as a player and teacher.

I equip each of my students with the skills and techniques needed to play the music they love, in a way that’s easy to understand, practical to use and at a pace that is comfortable for each student.

All students are welcome from beginner to advanced. We can cover every aspect of playing including chords, finger picking, scales, soloing,rhythm, harmony and theory, and experience the excitement of how it all comes together in a song.

I want all of my students to experience the feeling of success in playing the music they love, on the level they want to play, while building a deeper understanding and joy for music.

All styles of music are taught including rock, jazz, blues, folk,classical, pop etc. There's nothing we can't do on the guitar!


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Offers online services

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    Corbett S.

    If youre looking to learn the guitar and master the fundamentals that will last you a lifetime, Tod is the instructor for you. He has tremendous knowledge in every aspect you need; chords, scales, rhythm, learning the fretboard, improving your left and right hand technique, etc. Further, he is extremely accommodating with scheduling and always understanding hat sometimes life happens! His instruction has provided me with all the tools I need in a fun and challenging way. I could not recommend him more!
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    June 01, 2023
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    Robert P.

    Tod has a great breadth of knowledge when it comes to the guitar and music theory. Dont get me wrong, guitar theory and technique books and online videos are great. However, having an actual guitar instructor like Tod helps me fill in the blanks and figure out not only what I should focus on in my practice but how I should practice to improve my understanding of guitar theory and technique.
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    May 31, 2023
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    Jason M.

    Was learning on my own, trying to focus just on the basics and understanding the fret board and thought it was time for a proper instructor. Didnt really know where to look, so I gave Lessons.com a try. Tod responded right away and I reached out to set up my first lesson. Have been going for about a couple months and hes been great. Helping me focus directionally and clearing up some of the fog. I highly recommend, hes a good guy!
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    November 29, 2019
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    In all of the phases of learning guitar that I’ve passed through there always seems to be a few difficult steps to get to the next level. Tod has always helped bring me through those steps. This has taught me that with determination I can do anything.
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    January 07, 2017



    Tod has always been an influential teacher to me. In fact, his skills and teaching abilities have enabled me to become a better player and more musically inclined. His instructing method has led me from the basics of reading music to discussing uses of a Mixolydian mode. Not only has Tod been an outstanding teacher, but also a great friend who I have had more fun with on Wednesday nights. I cant tell you what a difference Tod has made in my playing and ease on the fretboard.
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    January 07, 2017



    “Playing guitar with Tod is a lot of fun and he is a great teacher and it is easy to learn when he is teaching you. He always keeps it interesting and exciting and you can decide what you want to play. I really look forward to guitar lessons every week with Tod!
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    January 07, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    I want to get to know the student's musical interests so I can better steer the lessons to the style of music they enjoy. It makes what they learn more relevant. For instance, if we are learning about suspended chords I can show them examples from songs they already know. If a student has been playing guitar already I want to find out what their abilities are to better focus on the best direction they should take. I have a tried and true method that has been very successful. Playing guitar involves learning all the various chords and the techniques like strumming techniques, bass notes ,fingerpicking needed to play those chords. Also, single notes or scales for melodies and soloing, and finally putting it all together in songs.

    After attending Boston University I studied privately with a number of teachers in and around the New York City area.

    Linc Chamberland was my primary teacher and also influenced my teaching style.

    I've been teaching, performing, composing and recording since and love it.

    I have different pricing options for 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute lessons to fit everyone’s budget and schedule.

    I've been playing since I was 11 years old. As I got older and started playing professionally people starting asking me for lessons. I first started teaching to supplement my income but grew to love it and discovered it was a perfect fit for me. I love the one on one, and seeing people succeed,and getting the most out of their time by cutting through all the information out there in the quickest possible way.

    I teach students of all ages from beginner to advanced, electric and acoustic guitar in all styles of music. Currently my youngest student is 7 years old and my oldest is 75. I have a lot of music and I'm always adding new songs but I encourage students to bring in anything they've been listening to and I will show them how to play it note for note. I also want my students to understand what they're doing no matter what their level of playing is. Then they can ultimately teach themselves and find their own personal style of playing.

    There are so many. Two former students who all have families, jobs and busy lives took me out to dinner, I took 2 of my high school students to a jazz concert that we all enjoyed and recently I've been teaching a former student who is finishing his music degree. I've been able to fill in and around what he's been learning and take him further. Also, teaching two of the musicians in the popular band Goose. I don’t take credit for their incredible talent but I am grateful I was able to be a part of their music journey.

    Lessons are personal and you want a teacher who is personable and has a command of the instrument. The best teachers make it simple. Understanding music is not hard. Practice is what’s needed, or put another way, make a practice of playing and you are guaranteed to improve.

    To give yourself the best chance of success you should plan on committing to a lesson a week for several weeks. Put the lesson time in your calendar and plan around it. Think about what music you would like to play and what your goals are. This can help the teacher define the best course of action for you .Are you into rock and roll, blues, jazz or acoustic, fingerstyle, classic or alternative etc. or maybe all of it!

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