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Offers online services
Offers online services


During my 10+ years as an educator, I recognized that many students are not learning the academic fundamentals needed to succeed.

My focus as an educator is to empower students to succeed in the long run. I accomplish this through teaching organization, study skills, goal-setting, and other academic fundamentals.

Additionally, while they are improving these academic fundamentals, I also help students with their subject-specific needs.

Last but not least, I approach each student as an individual. I am focused on meeting the student at their current ability level and tailoring our sessions to fit their specific needs.

Educating the youth is my way of improving the future.

I specialize in working with middle and high school-aged students. More specifically, I have had a great deal of success supporting underperforming students struggling to reach their potential.

By empowering young people to reach their potential, I believe that I am positively impacting the world. Thus, I find a tremendous amount of purpose and joy in this work.


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Offers online services

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    Cheryl, 1.

    “Bright kids with learning differences really benefit from his positive structured approach that builds up their strengths and self esteem and supports them where they need extra help. My son was often on cloud nine after John left, because the stress had lifted, he felt empowered and understood.”
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    December 24, 2021


    “John worked with our three high school aged children to improve their writing skills. Through a combination of writing lessons and individualized feedback, John helped each of them improve their writing mechanics, and gain confidence as writers. John’s teaching style was accessible and engaging and our children enjoyed his class. He was also transparent and communicated well with us. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a tutor.”
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    December 24, 2021


    “John has been instrumental in helping my son learn to be a student. He has helped him set up good foundations for studying, how to take notes and organize his thoughts. John has helped my son become a successful student who knows how to tackle any subject.“
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    December 24, 2021


    “John Hyde tutored my son in high school English. Teaching seems to come naturally to John. When the lesson begins, he is focused and patient. John also has a winning personality and adventurous spirit. My son actually looked forward to the sessions.”
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    December 24, 2021


    John helped immensely with all aspects of Ben’s school work, created an organizational system that helped Ben stay organized and increased his confidence. John helped keep Ben on track with goals and agenda setting. John truly enjoyed working with my son, and is as invested in him as we are. He’s very good dealing with ADHD issues and learning disabilities. He’s a young guy that Ben could relate to and sometimes teenagers need to hear things from someone who is not their parent before they embrace them. John was trustworthy, and I know if you have a child who needs that extra help, you’ll definitely see an improvement in your child‘s understanding with help from John.”
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    December 24, 2021

    Sumner S.

    John has been patient, kind, and unrelentingly positive. I have worked with him for almost 3 years now, and the amount of change I have seen is staggering. He is patient when he needs to be, but he also knows when to push for things to get done. I could not have asked for a better tutor.
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    October 21, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    When I first meet my students, I ask them to self-assess what they think they need to do to improve, and what they're hoping to get out of these sessions.  

    We then dive into their current assignments/tasks, and I evaluate the solutions they gave me.  At the end of the session, I provide them with feedback and some suggestions about what I think would be helpful to them and any tasks they need to complete before our next session. 

    During subsequent sessions, I follow up with their homework and their goals.  I provide the support relevant to the child's needs and shore up any specific weaknesses that I see come up. 

    In addition to the weekly sessions, I provide support throughout the week via email. This includes but is not limited to replying to questions, addressing concerns, annotating papers, and responding to parent requests.

    I graduated from Duke University in 2015 and received my teaching license from the Duke Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in 2016.  

    I was a classroom teacher for three years in Fairfax County, Virginia.  As a classroom teacher, I taught a wide range of students; I worked with special education, English as a second language, general education, and advanced academic students. 

    Outside of the classroom, I have over ten years of experience as a private tutor and academic coach.  

    Given my extensive experience and my focus on long-term success versus short-term solutions, I consider my tutoring and coaching to be premium services.

    I charge $100 an hour for single sessions. I decrease the cost to $80 an hour for repeat customers.  

    I first entered the world of teaching in 6th grade. Admittedly, I just wanted a summer job.

    Since my dad was already a professor, I decided to try following in his footsteps. Thus, my dad and I started a summer math camp for elementary school students.  

    We ran that summer camp every summer until I graduated high school, and I grew to love it more and more each year. 

    When I was in college, I felt interested in other professional areas and explored outside of education briefly. But I never shook the satisfaction and happiness of being an educator.    

    I've worked with a wide age range of students, from elementary to college.  I've also worked with a broad ability level, from special education to advanced placement.  

    I feel most comfortable working with middle and high school-aged students who have great potential but struggle to reach it.  

    My fondest recent memories include starting my own academic coaching business, becoming self-employed, and getting married to my wife! 

    I would advise all students to find a teacher who listens to their specific needs and seems genuinely excited and interested in working with them.  

    Additionally, I would ask them to take a moment to consider what they want to accomplish and what they are willing to do to reach their goals.

    I would encourage students to think through the following questions:

    What are my strengths as a student?

    What are my areas of growth? 

    What do I think I need to do to improve as a student?

    What does success look like to me? 

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