AB Discount Driving School INC

AB Discount Driving School INC



AB Discount Driving School INC

We are here to help you

We have been helping students like you since 1985

We are very flexible

We offer 3 hour Drug & Alcohol classes

We offer DIP classes

We are serving the Metropolitain

We are your consultant for all your driving need.

You never fail, until you stop

I love when I help students get their driver license

because they become independent

Because they can accomplished more

I have helping students since 1985


2 employees
38 years in business
Serves Silver Spring , MD

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Frequently asked questions

We serve different type of students

Some students need only need the 3 hour Alcohol and Drug class. This is a one day class that can be done online or in the classroom

Some students only need the 6 to 8 hour driving Improvement class

It is also a one day class that be done online or in the classroom

Some students only need driving practice to master the driving skill or to prepare themselves for the test.

We give them 2 hour driving practice then they practice more as needed 

Some students only need pre-test preparation + the test we do it the same day.

Some students are first time or beginners,

This group of students need a complete program or 36 hour

We help them all.

I have been doing it for over 30 years

I have been trained and certify by MVA


The 3 hour Alcohol & Drug / Safe & Sober class

This class can be taking online at abdrive.com or in the classroom at 11303 Amherst Ave #4

Silver Spring MD 20902 the cost is$ 50.00

The DIP/Driving Improvement program,

This class can taking online  at abdrive.com or  in the ckassroom at 11303 Amherst Ave #4

The cost is $75.00

The 2 hour driving practice cost $ 100.00

The complete Driver'S Education program

The price changes depending of the season but the average cost is $300.00

I was a taxi driver in Washington DC,

My passengers always telling me that I was a good driver because they used taxi all the time and they saw that my driving skill was different. Many of them told me that they cannot get driver'S license because they fail the test too many times.

I decided to help some of them and they passed. They told their friends about their accomplishments then more people decided to get help from me.

That was how I got started.

I work with all type of students and all ages

An addition, I am bless with different languages that make my school popular.

I can communicate in french, spanish, Creole and english.

As I am a counselor  to foreign students.

Many of them do not know where to start.

After they talk to me,

They feel that their eyes are open and now they are driving.

Look for someone with experience who love helping others.

I am the one

Hire me you will be happy.

Students need to ask the average time to complete the course.

Services offered