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We teach painting classes in a professional art studio setting. Very creative uplifting and supportive environment. Sue Langert has been exhibting and teaching painting for over 15 years. Her style of teaching is a coaching style which honors each indiviuals skill level whether a new beginner or seasoned artist looking for renewed inspiration and support in the creative process. Variuos styles and mediums are taught to discover each student's unique creative style. Sue is very gifted in drawing out the best that you can ne as a painter. Among her students are award winners and those eho have gone on to study in artist's residences in France and the Netherlands. Sue's work graces the walls og private and corporate collectors across rhe USA and Europe. You may learn more about the instructor and viee her work by going to website www.

I enjoy the creative atmosphere and the exchange of energy in the classroom. Sharing knowledge and being a part of one's artistic discovery is very inspiring to me as an instructor. I love watching and aiding in another's growth and the joy that student's express when they complete a painting.


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Lots of individual attention. Very inspiring. Learned more than i had hoped. Completed a beautiful painting. Lots of fun.
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May 16, 2018

Frequently asked questions

If the student is a beginner, we start with learning how to mix color and I teach basic color theory, composition, and brush technique.  We do this by actually mixing color and applying to a color wheel.  The student will develop an eye for color and have plenty of hands-experience applying color in a painting.  I then choose a very basic picture for the student to begin and complete a painting as I demonstrate brush and palette knife technique on canvas. Once the student completes their first painting, I have a good idea of their skill level and I work individually with each one from there.  The second project in the class is chosen based on this information.  My goal is encourage each student to express their unique creativity at evey step.  Of course, the more they paint the faster they proceed.   

I am a professonal artist who has been exhibiting my own work for 19 years.  I trained at the San Francisco Academent of Art and the Jean Henry Impressionism School of Art if San Francisco and was mentored by Jean Henry, master impressionist for 13 years.  I owned and operated a Fine Art Gallery for 10 years in California.  My work hangs in corporate and private dwellings across the US and in Europe.

I charge $45 per hour for private lessons.  I charge $150 for a four-class series in a group class, which is three hours per class.  Group classes are very small at this time, not more than four students at a time.  Regular students may drop in for a group class, space permitting, for $45 per three hour class.

I opened a teaching art studio as part of the fine art gallery business in California to meet a demand for people desiring to learn to paint from me.  I am now offering classes in the DC area from my art studio for the same reason.

Currently I am working the beginners here in my studio.  I also travel to other areas where I am asked to conduct professional seminars to artists, to help them with improve their technique, teach students in other art schools.  

I recently participated in a plein air event in Chestertown, Maryland and enjoyed that experience very much.  A chance to mingle with other artists.  Painting on site is one of my most enjoyable painting time because I love the outdoors.  I always enjoy teaching....... I am a teacher.  I have ended up teaching in all the areas I have worked throughout my life.  I love people and sharing.

Make sure you are with someone who is positive and inspires you to 

Someone whose personality is good with yours, who is positive and will take the time to address your individual needs as a student and will allign with your goals.  Find a teacher who will aid you to  be your best and to be original.  Some classes are very rigid and in my opinion kill the creative spirit.  It is important to learn the technical aspects of painting but it is also very important that the student is guided to be free and expressive.

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