Sukriti Painting Atelier, In Association With Bed'n'Easel

Sukriti Painting Atelier, In Association With Bed'n'Easel

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At Sukriti Studio classical drawing skills and alla prima, classical, and plein air painting skills are taught in a way that help both beginners and advanced learners. Lessons are tailored to the needs of individual trainee artists and they are helped in working on their strengths and self expression.

Training includes learning from history of Fine Art, and from examples of master artists. Lessons are given to understand the medium of choice and its effective control. For regular students once a month Museum visit is organized for first hand learning from masterpieces.

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I love to find hidden strengths in young artists and see them grow more confident as their skills are honed with constant practise. Working with people is as much a passion for me as painting.


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Nancy Y.

Such a wonderful master artist and teacher who is one that promotes confidence at every turn. This is a very unique teacher as I find her so encouraging and challenges me at a comfortable, comforting and personal way. This is a teacher who can teach any medium with using methods she has learned from other teachers around the world. I feel so fortunate to be her student in the beginning stages of learning art. It’s a joyful experience 100%. The prices charged are almost gifting her time. This is a master artist and teacher.
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July 31, 2019
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Weldon C.

It was a pleasure to have found an instructor with extensive knowledge in art - both technical book knowledge as well as actual field experience with her own drawings / paintings (some on display at local Art galleries). Ms Sharma’s ability to translate those skills into her training class has resulted in an immediate and study growth in my Granddaughter’s drawing / painting within a short number of training sessions.
Her in-home studio environment is excellent, the scheduled class times are great/accommodating and the cost is very reasonable.
I have been exceedingly pleased with Ms. Sharma and would highly recommend her as a 5 Star instructor. If I could exceed that rating, I would without hesitation give her 10 stars, ......... and yes, she is just that good !
Weldon Carson
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July 30, 2019


Rinku V.

I hadn’t had any instructions with oil before. Joining Sandhya’s oil painting classes was very helpful. Liked the friendly atmosphere of the class, informal yet instructional. As an instructor she gave me directions but allowed me to have personal interpretations in my paintings, Her critics always guided and encouraged me to do better in my next painting. Wish to join your classes again someday soon.
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February 16, 2018


Sadhna K.

I started painting with Sandhya Sharma. Painting with Sandhya has helped me to improve. She has always been there to encourage me to progress.
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January 29, 2018

Frequently asked questions

1. A brief session to determine the goal of a new student.

2. Assessing the ability to meet that goal and listing out strengths to be focused on and new skills to develop.

3. Keeping the confidence in ability high by producing finished works while also working on exercises that lead to self-assessment and constant improvement.

4. Using Old Masters' and established artists' works to train the eye to appreciate aesthetics and become aware of quality that one can aspire to building in one's own work.

5. To do all of the above, I use well-designed and time-tested lessons that I have deviced over several years of teaching and learning fine art.

I have been Atelier trained at the Roubtzoff School at the Russian Cultural Centre, Tunis (Tunisia); trained in Summer Workshops at the Florence Art Academy, Moindal (Sweden); Summer Workshop at the Royal Drawing School, London (UK); and I hold a Diploma with Distinction in Painting and Drawing. On arriving in Washington DC I also studied at the Schuler School of Fine Art, Baltimore (MD). I have (from 2004-20011) studied extensively the available online courses. 

I typically teach classes of 4-6 participants. This helps me in keeping the per person and per hour charges low. $50 for one studio session (one hour of instruction, followed by an hour of supervised exercises) for a smaller group of only 4 students is my introductory price for DC.

Private lessons in my studio will cost higher.

I do not encourage private tuitions unless the student has high level of abilities as I believe that there is as much to learn from other's strengths and weaknesses for a beginner as from one's own efforts. Also, I reserve private lessons for students with unusual circumstances.

I have kept my tuition fees low as I encourage students to work with best of artist grade materials for good results and art materials can be very expensive. 

I had my paintings in shows and in my studio and many, after seeing my work, wanted me to teach them. Initially, I started with free demos and group painting events for free but I realized that a commodity not priced is not valued as much. 

This led me to teach with lessons priced just so people can afford it with ease along with all the incrimental expenses they need to make to excel in art.

While responding to individual needs of the students, I have over the years prepared many lesson plans, which I use systematically but with flexibility.

I have worked with beginners and also with students holding BFA and MFA. I have worked with children (7-17 yrs old), and with adults (men and women). Having been an expat living in different countries of Africa, I have worked with people from different nationalities. 

What was common in all my students was this immense need to draw and paint well. 

I was training myself to be an artist in Africa in 2002. Often the only source of my learning was books and DVDs which I had to import from other countries (India, UK, USA). I came across several books and DVDs resulting from Atelier teaching in the US. When I participated in Figurative Art Convention and Expo, Nov 2017 in Miami, I got to meet the authors and instructors of these books and resource materials in person and learnt some more from them. This included, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Juliette Aristedes, Michael Mentler, Cesar Santos, Graydon Parrish, and many, many more. Their instructions were always good, but getting to learn from them face to face is an experience I cherish as a student.

Look for the best teacher for it is a long, difficult journey and your faith in your abilities can be doubly enhanced with ecouragement and disciplined learning. 

1. What is their goal?

2. Does the teacher offer (evidence is in the teacher's work) what would help them achieve their goal?

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