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Offers online services


I am setting forth on a creative journey to make a difference in this world through my creative expression, through inspiring others to do the same, and through connecting and building a network and community of others alike. Also, I hope to further develop my instructive experience to enable me to share my knowledge, skills, vision, and the opportunity that creativity has in the field of learning, and healing.

I enjoy the infinite freedom that the many paradigms of creativity can establish personally, professionally, and within a community. Being experienced in many mediums, I've learned what I call, "transferable skills", that may be used in any area of life, especially when creating! When any degree of freedom is acknowledged, breakthroughs of opportunity and growth develop. This is a state of being I wish for all to experience!


Serves Edgemoor , DE
Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    The first phase of working with a new student is an introduction. I first identify the students interests, needs, objectives and things alike. After establishing a schedule for instruction, I like to outline three key phases; phase one will be an activity of skill/mediums interest exploration; phase two focuses on challenging the student with new techniques, tools, mediums, etc.; phase three includes activities to execute everything the student has been working towards, usually with an additional element to increase inspiration. Afterwards, a follow up meeting is arranged to review, evaluate, or explore additonal interests.

    My training is informal, mentorship-based, and voluntary.  Beginning at a very young age, I've been professionally instructed and guided throughout my entire life. Working closely with an incredibly broad range of creative professionals. These include, traditional Art Teachers; Tattoo Artists; Muralists; Advertising Marketers; Auto Painters / Vinyl Installers; 12 Volt Specialists; Performing & Visual Arts Directors; Musical Artists; as well as Graphic Designers, and more!

    Close friends, family, neighbors, and even people within my community began to ask for personal tips, instruction time, and slowly to instruct entire workshops, as well as private "Paint Parties"... After instructing different demographical groups, occasions, and mediums, I wanted to expand my reach!

    I've instructed participants within a private bar/pub setting; class size of 12. A birthday party setting with students ranging from three years old to 82 years old; class size of 22. I've instructed in more intimate settings, insides someones home with a class size of 7. I've worked with many types of students, experienced; inexperienced; handicapped/disabled/injured; intermeditate; I've worked with just about every type of person imaginable!

    Things to consider are...

    Focus of interests; What is being learned?

    Concepts, Competency & Skill; Is it specific, like a skill, or vague like a concept or idea?

    Accessibility, Availability & Accountability; What is the desired method of instruction? What accomodations must be made? How will time managemant be integrated to make the most progress from the instruction period?

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