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I have been teaching drawing and painting for 40 years. My classes are versitile yet definative. Many of my students have gone on to win scholarships, awards, and become professionals in their own right. Classes are run in a spacious open studio and students can earn free time and use of the studio when classes are not in session.

I have taught in the private and public school system and have been a professional artist exhibiting and selling my work world wide. You can find me on many websites such as razzadesign.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin; or just Google artist Al Razza. I also have a 5 star rating on Google


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Sue G.

Taking Mr. Razzas art class has been a wonderful art experience. He excels as a great instructor and pushes oneself to be as creative as one can be. I look forward every week to work on my art. The classroom is an authentic art studio, where we go to paint and enjoy others art work.
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May 29, 2017

Carlos P.

Al Razza has a tremendous amount of experience teaching art, but most importantly he has experience painting. He is a prolific painter, and this translates in a vast amount of accumulated knowledge about painting.
I feel really lucky to have found Al as my teacher. He guided me through the first basic concepts about composition, color theory, and paint handling.
He did this with patience, and adjusted the pace of the lessons to my own speed.
I had a lot of fun learning to paint, and always left each class feeling very productive.
After so many years studying with him, I consider him not just my teacher but a friend and advisor.
Now my son Alex attends group lessons with Al every Saturday. And I am really happy with his progress every week.
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May 29, 2017

Debra C.

My highest recommendation! Mr. Razza is an excellent teacher. He helps you find your own potential and encourages you in every way. This is NOT cookie-cutter art. This is a true studio. You will feel empowered and achieve things you never thought you could.
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May 24, 2017

Lisa P.

I have been attending Al Razzas class for a year now ,and my experience is nothing but positive. It is a journey for both you and Al. Every student has different experience , talent and vision,he guides us towards our goal. Teaching us about past Masters and their techniques and paying close attention to our process, with enthusiasm and a willingness to help us try any and all processes we desire.
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May 24, 2017

Lily S.

a thoughtful and informative teacher, Al Razza helped me see my work in ways that moved me forward. love how he includes historical information about great artists, the process of painting, the field of art. Class size is just right, always fun to go there
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May 24, 2017

Carol G.

I have been taking art lessons with Al Razza, Mixed Media Artist for over 5 years at the Razza School of Art in Coral Springs, Florida. He is an excellent mixed media artist with over 40 years of experience, as well as a great mentor. He discusses art with you throughout the lesson. It can be on techniques, oil mediums, art history, artists, color theory, brushstrokes, and many more topics.
When I wanted to explore the use of acrylic paint skins in my work, I was taken through by Al Razza, the entire process which I found fascinating. My lessons are varied from Cubism, Landscapes, Pop Art, Abstracts,Pulp Art,etc. The possibilities are endless.
Razza School of Art, A Division of Design Crafters
Al Razza is the very best. He is an excellent artist, has a good eye for museum quality framing, and an excellent mentor!
As a student, I feel very lucky that Coral Springs has the Razza School of Art.
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May 24, 2017

Frequently asked questions

All students must learn basic skills in drawing as well as color theory. Lessons include introductions to drawing techniques and various painting styles, as well as how to care for your artwork, how to build a portfolio, and provide skills needed to compete and get recognized by galleries and possibly make sales of their art.

I received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1977. Attended Masters program at Pratt Institute in NY and have been a prfessional award winning artist for more than 40 years.

All new students, your first 2 hour class is free.

Classes are $295 for 8 weeks and meet once a week for two hours. Makeup classes are available during other class schedules and is a limited time offer. Free studio time is available to tenured students.

I also tutor (private lessons) at $60 per hour for 12 years of age and older and is paid monthly for children. I recommend 1 hour for youngsters and 2 hours for adults.

I started teaching as a young artist in 1979 when I moved to Florida and taught at a local art center. Later I taught in the public school system. But I got frustrated with the beauorcracy of the public schools, so I took the initiative and entered the private sector. I taught for a local museum and then opended my own school in 1994. Now I share my experience with people who really wanted to learn art.

I have worked with all kinds of people, from children to adult. Most are strongly motivated and dedicated even at a young age. 

During one of our annual holiday parties my students chipped in to buy me a very specal and costly book that was out of print and hard to find. I was very touched by their generosity and I will always appreciate how good they are to me. I believe we have created great art together and made many fond memories. All my student share their time and skills equally and have built great friendships while learning.

Seek out a person who can give you the necessary guidance to make you successful in your goals. Make sure they can communicate effectively. Interview them as you would a new employee. Look at the work produced by other students.

Why am I going to this particular person for classes?

Can he or she give me the guidance I need to succeed?

Would he or she be a good mentor?

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