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Team Czink Inc.

Ian Barstow

Delray Beach, FL


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Gday Champ. Start believing in your best tennis. Start training like the pro athletes do. As a physical therapist and strength coach I have traveled to over 34 countries on the pro tour. During this 10 year journey I have learned the secrets for revolutionizing your tennis performance.

Now I would love to help you take your tennis to the next level with 3 simple steps.

Step 1. 360 Assessment of Your Tennis Needs Step 2. Devise a Plan that will work for You ( RF strengths) Step 3. Your Tennis Improved- with pro training..

On the pro circuit we say " you are either improving or getting worse". I have the expert knowledge and experience to take your tennis to the next level.

Knowledge + Passion = Results

Cheers Ian MHS, PT.


Tennis, Flexibility Training, Life Coaching


Delray Beach, FL 33483

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