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I am the instructor that was taught to help their students to be patient with them, if there's anything they do not understand as their instructor it is my responsibility to make sure they understand even when it comes down to doing their skills to help them perfect it the best they know how. My passion is teaching life saving skills and other things that would help people when it comes to CPR, first aid, water safety, and othersclasses and services. My passion also is to make sure I get as many trained as possible because one thing about emergencies they are not planned they just happen so my thing is I want to make sure they are prepared!!!

I've been a CPR instructor for 18 years I work with the American Red Cross for almost 8 years and I started my own business in 2013 still teaching CPR and other life-saving skills and trainings and services as well. I also try to make it convenient by coming to my customer at their convenience I travel far because I travel out of town doing certification classes for the American Red Cross if I'm asked to do a class out of town it has to be at least 15 people in order for me to travel out of town other than that I do not do I just travel local. When it comes to certifications and awards I'm certified as a CPR professional rescuer I'm certified in basic CPR AED with first aid I'm certified in water safety OSHA bloodborne pathogen HIV trainer as far as Awards I did receive an award from the American Red Cross I misplaced it somewhere I've also received quite a few awards for 2015 16 and 17 from Thumbtack that is another corporation that I get clients through. I'm also certified to be a mentor instructor from EMS safety as well and I'm certified to teach and sell aeds as well. I'm currently working on becoming an instructor trainer for EMS safety I was one with the American Red Cross but I'm working on now with EMS safety as well to teach other instructors to be a CPR instructor I will be finished with that within the next month. There are other accomplishments and certificates I've gotten is too many to list.

I enjoy meeting new clients, and get excited about teaching them as well. I also love teaching children, that is too me more rewarding when I can teach a child what to do if there is an emergency.


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CPR Level

First aid training, Standard CPR training, CPR training for medical professionals (BLS)

Certification from a specific organization

Not applicable, American Heart Association (AHA), National Safety Council (NSC), American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)

Number of students

Single student, 2 - 5 students, 6 - 10 students, 11+ students

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Younger than 18, 18 - 22 years old, 23 - 30 years old, 31 - 40 years old, 41 - 50 years old, 51 - 60 years old, 61 or older


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Leslie C.

We had a great experience. Great service Loriann came to our location and brought everything that was needed. Loriann was very informative and fun to work with. We did first aid and CPR then afterward my daughter continued with a babysitting course for getting certified. I would recommend Loriann to anyone who is interested in getting their CPR certification.
Thank You,
Leslie Child
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March 21, 2023
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Liz P.

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February 23, 2023
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Amy R.

Absolutely wonderful to work with, even being shy as I am! Loriann made me feel comfortable the entire time. Most importantly I feel extremely assertive moving forward in my career with her training! Highly recommend! Thank you Loriann!!
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October 03, 2021
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Rebeca P.

I’ve never met someone so patient, loving and vulnerable. Loriann is truly a blessing ! She made learning fun , efficient and pretty simple actually ! I’ll definitely be referring her to others and my future children for sure !! 🌻 Thank you so much for everything!
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July 28, 2021
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Raina K.

Loriann was a breath of fresh air. She was professional with a personality. An absolute pleasure to listen to and learn from. Best CPR class I ever had. Thank you Loriann. xoxoxoxoxo
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February 28, 2020
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Frequently asked questions

Well I asked the student has they ever taken the class before. If they answer yes I try to find out how much do they remember, if they answer no I'll let them know it's going to be fun learning and I try to make it as fun as possible I try to break it down and reduce it to the lowest term that they understand.

Oh I have different types of Education in trainings I've been trained as a certified CPR instructor, BLS instructor, first aid instructor, Mentor instructor, I'm in the process now of being an instructor trainer, water safety instructor, HIV OSHA instructor, and I provide other services as well I've taught Boy Scouts Girl Scouts I've been trained in archery oh my god I've been trained and games and skills for working with Boy Scouts as well it's too many to count on also have my associates in Ministry and my bachelor's in ministry as well. I also do some motivational speaking in churches for other programs I've taught at Senior High School's teaching CPR demonstrations I've taught at Middle Schools elementary schools I've been experiencing this about 18 years. And I currently try to keep myself up today and try to learn other things that would help the community to as well I do community trainings I do corporational trainings I do trainings in the homes of people. I'm also certified to teach babysitters to as well to teenagers. I also teach bullying and I touch up a little bit on Home Alone training I touch up on computer training two children also as well the dangers of it I also teach the importance of hand-washing to the little toddlers.

Yes I do have a standard pricing. I do not like to give quotes on this here because the pricing changes with American Heart, American Red Cross so because I'm an independent contractor it varies if there's a group of six or more the price drops $5 per person if it just one person there's a basic price for that one person like I say 5 and under does a basic price when it comes to six person and more it drops $5 per person. The customer can rest assure that my prices are not high at all compared to other corporations I try to keep it affordable and at a certain budget.

How I got started teaching CPR I work for Baxter's Healthcare Corporation and I was on the safety team in the 80s the late 80s. In the early 2000 my ex-husband and I had our own business doing this here. In 2005 I work for the American Red Cross. I started out teaching babysitters classes and then they hired me full-time to teach adult CPR classes, CPR classes for the professional rescuer, I started teaching water safety classes, pet safety classes, Home Alone classes, stress management classes, safe baby classes, and so many other classes I've learned to teach and other skills , and in 2013 I left the American Red Cross started my own business  I contract myself out with American Heart and EMS safety teaching classes.

The type of student life work with with Elementary School students Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts my children was in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts so I taught them is well. I taught them how to make first aid kits. I have work with middle school students, senior high school students.I have worked with corporations from American Red Cross and also on my own. Homeland Security people security guar@d corporations or companies. I've also do classes at the pool whenever I'm asked to teach it I basically go where I'm asked to meet the students or students I also do health fair's demonstration at health fair's to as well I've done FIU I've done them at the mall I've done them at my son's middle school as well..

My recent event I'm fond of if FIU they need it adult infant child CPR with AED and first aid. That was a good class and also I did a class at Miami Children's Museum.

All I ask for is a chance, I guarantee they not only will learn but they will have fun learning because I break it down and make it very easy for them and I do have patience with my students in as well.

I suggest that a student write down all their questions that they're going to have and whatever tasks that they're going to be tardy in especially a CPR because a student may not be used to send the sight of blood and I need that may be a question that raise up. Also when it comes to doing compressions to write down your questions so that when they go before the teacher they would remember what they needed to know as far as information or whatever it was and he is.

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