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    Frequently asked questions

    Get an idea of what particular arts & crafts projects the student is interested in learning, whether they would prefer a variety of different craft class lesson types, or strictly nurturing one craft genre for the total 4,6,or 8 weeks for which they have enrolled. 

    Ideally I like there to be a creation made each lesson- so 60, or 120 minute classes are ideal!! I really want the students to design,create and handcraft projects/items that they desire to possess, display or give as a gift!! And take home a different project each week!! 

    Also whether this be individual or group instruction,At the end of each session- the student/client decides between all options that I am qualified to instruct- what project they are most anxious to create the following week- either they decide together/or vote.

    Past group workshop students have collectively agreed upon set themes for their weekly projects.

    When contracted privately as a freelance agent, I normally always allow the student or their respective relative gm or agent co

    mudioningmour services the option of supplying their own supplies- or designating such honors to myself or my partner. Prices will be more or less according to this choice. 

    Many arts and crafts classes and courses from elementary school through college! Event design & decoration certification, as well as prior craft party teaching experience with children & teens. And designing and crafting my own line of fashion, home decor and event decor accessories, furnishings & silk/dried or faux floral arrangements. 

    This would depend on whether They are travelling to me?? If I am traveling- how far they live from my home. Who  will supply the craft supplies, the length of the class, whether it is group or individual classes, and how often  they would like to receive lessons as well as the duration of each lesson. 

    If they are traveling To me e once weekly  for an hour lesson- I would start at $30. For an individual lesson. A group of 5- I may charge -$20- weekly -Groups and bi weekly lessons will receive a lesser rate. But I am flexible, and willing to work out a fair price within most any budgets.

    I began teaching  crafting parties, and workshops  at a children’s aftercare, and then as contracted for mall events in Central NJ. 

    Children, teens and adults of all ages. 

    I had a business entitled “Glamourista Girl

    Parties”,  and I travelled as a vendor of goods & services, one of the venues I worked at was The Boynton Beach Mall, and the service was similar to “Princess Parties”, only other themes of popularity were offered, and the parties were either  themed craft projects- personalized with the child’s name & their favorite character within that theme- would be the theme of the crafted item or accessory project thst they featured on the project I chose for the particular party of the day. 

    The other type of party/event that was very popular would be theme based as well, and it would be a detailed head to toe makeover- hair/makeup/costume- And again, the kids would choose a character they wanted to resemble within the theme of the day. The day I speak of was “Disney Princess- so After the princess character makeover and the costume dress up,a portrait  was taken for a keepsake party favor.  I had backdrops for each theme choice option,and each child posed aside their chosen Disney princess- I basically had to carry each princess in almost every size to accommodate , I also designed and handcrafted frames to match featured characters from the theme of the given day.!

    it was just a nice turnout, and we have great photos on the business page that is still  on Facebook, however, I no longer market that business, and gave away all of my inventory, just this past Halloween to  less fortunate   inner. City  kids-,to wear for trick or treating, but if anyone mistakenly contacted me with interest, if feasible, I believe I might accommodate!’

    Actually 2- quick other craft moments of rememberence- one is  3-D civics project, I helped my son with for school that came out really spectacular, and won the best project award, and another was a gift for my fathers 80th birthday party- that he never would have imagined I would have been planning to surprise him with.

     I designed and crafted a very classic looking portrait frame in silver/black and white decor with “NYC” cameo type logos - and trimmed the frame in clear zirconium- adhesive ribbon- and inside the glass frame was a “black & White” portrait of Audrey Hepburn from the movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”- in the long black dress- holding the long cigarette holder- (a famous - classic pic from this movie- from his younger years- that I remembered he on occasion reminded me was his all time favorite movie!! I really got credit for having panache” and savvy for manifesting this gift idea!! And though I can’t  usually afford to Out due my sibling gifts on a regular basis and often felt a little insecure in light if that fact, this particular gift I crafted didn’t cost more than-$50 total and by far he says is his favorite gift ever!!

    I think that they should definitely hire teacher who caters to their interests, and depending on their skill level and whether this is a leisure activity of enjoyment for them, or they have one specific crafting skill they are quite serious about to learn as perhaps a livelihood option, choose accordingly!! Also the options here on the web cover only a small handful of crafting options... there are many more current and specified that actually combine several skill sections on the application.

    My particular crafts are more DIY based- and the finished projects are popular items , accessories items-some home, some fashion some can be for party favors or events&  gifting items- for the most part.  I begin with a generic base product—and most of my crafts are about embellishing g these into spectacular items that they can get e cited about!

    Well, I think they would want to definately speak live with the potential instructor- once trust is established via this app.

    I don’t think it possible to decide via app messaging.-appropriate detail to satisfy their anticipated  budget and/or earn confidence level W/in skills, references and all else common to the client /prof. norms that I myself have found worthwhile in my own life. personally dean inquiry for a quote.. Without a contact number- at least after the 3nd go around- it can truly become futile- 

    Services offered