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Daniel Roemmelt Artist

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My passion for art allowed me a terrific career as an arts educator. I taught painting, drawing, art history and various design courses in a high school setting first and then ended my career in a university setting teaching many of the same courses. What I look for in a student is the desire, interest and passion. From that foundation I can teach the necessary skills to becoming a more creative individual. My teaching style is nurturing, supportive, encouraging and positive.

My own work can be seen on Facebook at Daniel Roemmelt Artist.

I look forward to working with you and helping you discover the artist within.


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    Dwayne N.

    I greatly enjoyed my mentoring from Daniel. I asked him to help me explore my artistic painting side, and, he was wonderful. He has a personable teaching style that allowed me to feel comfortable about my attempts to express myself on canvas! He was extremely knowledgeable concerning the technique of painting with oils and addressing the process behind taking control of a blank canvas. It felt like he was sharing his own secrets on how to successfully paint, and was very patient & supportive. He took time to answer all my questions, no matter how detailed, and encouraged me. One thing that I really appreciated, was that Daniel was very relaxed, and made me feel comfortable because he teaches by example...he actually worked with me, painting the exact same thing whilst I was doing it. I found this to be very helpful, because it provided me with real time supportive feedback, that I could visually see through his work compared to mine...allowing invaluable assistance with my personal progress/growth. Bottom line.....I not only found Daniel to be knowledgeable in art history and contemporary artist influences, but to be pleasant and fun to learn from, which was the most important for me.
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    January 17, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    First, I really need to understand what you hope to accomplish, what are your strengths and where do you need assistance.

    Second, I need to see previous work and listen to your accomplishments and where you had struggles.

    Third, I want to together set goals and manageable steps to achieve success.

    Fourth, I will always provide feeedback. I look for the balance of positives and offer suggestions on how you will seek improvement. 

    I have both an undergraduate and masters degree in art education. I am a practicing artist who has gallery representation, numerous commissions and regularly enters art competitions and has won umerous awards for my paintings. 

    I teach at $45. per hour, but, will also negotiate this pricing dependeing on the number of hours you are willing to be involved. 

    I knew from the time I took my first high school art course that I wanted to one day teach. I wanted to share that joy and passion that art brought to my life with others. 

    I have worked with all ages from 6 year olds to senior citizens. I find pleasure with each of these groups. 

    I had the opportunity in my last university position to train and supervise future art teachers. I gave me great pleasure to give back to a profession that had been so good to me. 

    Be sure that this teacher is also and artist. Not all art teachers create their own work. Those who can do, those who can't teach. This is how the adage goes. I disagree entirely. An effective teacher knows first hand of what he speaks. 

    What do you really hope to accomplish? Is this love of art just for pure joy and relaxation? Or do you have higher goals? Might it be a career, or a paying hobby? Think this through or include that in your initial conversation with this potential instructor. 

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