Tennis & Golf Training/Coaching For Beginners To Tour Players

Tennis & Golf Training/Coaching For Beginners To Tour Players

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Offers online services
Offers online services


• 30 years teaching experience from New York to Florida

• Worked with 3 yr old beginners to tour players, male/female

• Specialize in techniques, strategy (singles and doubles), physics, physiology/biomechanics, and superior sports psychology

• Video analysis and review

• Match play coaching and analysis

• Match statistical analysis

• Cross training

• Promote out of the box thinking and special unique techniques and strategies never taught anywhere else

• Will push you as hard or as easy as is appropriate for YOUR goals

• Bilingual (English, Korean)

• Feel free to ask anything else at [email protected] or 561-827-5770 (text or call)

Teaching is one of my passions. I also love making others better through information and processes they never knew existed. I truly enjoy incorporating my expertise and fondness for physics, engineering, and biomechanics into making the most efficient and awesome tennis players out there! I also love to teach and play tennis and golf using my favorite science of physics so this is my joy!


Hired 3 times
1 employee
32 years in business
Serves Palm Beach Gardens , FL
Offers online services


Type of math

General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry

Grade level

Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, Adult learner

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    I have worked and learned from pros from all over the world and Jay is the best. He is patient, knowledgeable, and knows exactly whats good for me and my kids. We have been lucky to have met him.
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    July 21, 2021


    John L.

    Jay has a unique talent for explaining tennis concepts thats easy to understand and advances your game. My game has never been better... Thank you!
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    July 21, 2021


    John L.

    Jay has a unique talent for explaining tennis concepts thats easy to understand and advances your game. My game has never been better... Thank you!
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    July 20, 2021


    Bobby, P.

    I am more informed than ever in so many aspects of the game. I feel more comfortable on the court and now performance has improved consistently. I have had lessons from many all around the area and up north... Jay is the best, we have worked on things that no one else even mentioned.
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    July 20, 2021



    I’ve known Jay as a Tennis pro for over 7 years. When tennis friends would come down for a tennis trip, we would contact Jay to run several clinics for the group. Not only did Jay make the clinic full of drills and critiques, he would also make it fun. For the past 3 years, I’ve been working with Jay as a private and semi-private student. He tailors the lesson to specific areas of the game that I need to work on. We discuss the purpose of the drill, his expectations of me during the drill, and then we discuss how I can apply it to matchplay. We also discuss previous matches and how to prepare for the next. Jay has helped me to take my tennis game to the next level by not only working on my technique but my mental game as well
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    July 19, 2021



    I can only best decribe it in a list!
    • Great understanding of the game + techniques
    • Simplifies your thoughts on the court
    • Knows exactly the right thing to say
    • Has a gift with his choice of words for explaining technque and strategy
    • He really cares about his students improving
    • Has a love for the game
    • He teaches more than one technique
    • He teaches what is better for each individual
    • Has more than one way of teaching
    • Philosopher of tennis
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    July 19, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    • 5-10 minute conversation to get to know you so we can formulate the best plan and time frame for your goals
    • Review of any previous experiences in matches, lessons, rounds, etc....
    • An on-court/course lesson to go over these goals and assess your abilities
    • Discuss and agree upon a plan to execute over a period of time

    100% of my training for teaching has come from on-job work, from private lessons, school coaching, private coaching, physical training, and studies of biomechanics and physics.

    Pricing varies from $50-$100/hour depending on golf or tennis, frequency and total number of lessons, including the long term plans.  Group lessons wiill be lower prices per player.

    I started teaching tennis while working as a professional hitter at my high school's summer camp.  I gave a couple of lessons filling in for another pro, and after that, the club wanted me to teach officially on their staff. 

    I started teaching golf shortly after some injuries in tennis and focused more on moving to Florida and becoming a golf professional.

    Almost every single one you can imagine.

    • 3-5 year old beginner playing for the first time
    • Junior kids just starting to play tournaments and those that were nationally ranked, and everyone in between
    • High school team boys and girls
    • College players
    • Adult recreational and competitive players
    • Local tournament players
    • Satellite/ mini-tour players
    • ATP tour players

    Just 2 days ago, I finished up a series of 3 lessons to one of the visiting members of my club, who was desperate to improve her net game before this double testing match for the next season.  After a few tips, she executed and learned things she never new existed before, and she confirmed she will takes notes on these concepts and try to execute them this weekend.  Seeing someone in dire straits be courageous enough to learn something new and be ready to execute them so quickly is always a joy.

    As a student of anything, you first have to decide on your goals.  Hint: My first question to you will be: "Why are you here"?  If you're answer is "To learn/become better" we have a lot of work to do.  I would advise you to think about your game and life and let me know why exactly you wish to play as opposed to go running, go to the gym, play billiards, Nintendo Wii, or take a martial arts/cross fit class.  I have come to find that EVERY potential student has a very specific reason, but they just need to know and find it before starting lessons.

    Students should think what exactly are your future goals, i.e., after taking 10, 20, 50 lessons, what type of player would you like to be?  The better goals you have, the more quickly I can get you there.  Is it to simply make your high school team?  Be #1 player on that team?  Get a college scholarship?  Finally beat you weekend buddies?  Be #1 in the world in 5 years?  We will determine when and how that goal will be achieveable but it has to start with your clarity of mind and desire.

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