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Offers online services


Hello, My name is Matt. Like many artists, I have been an artist my entire life. I started to get very serious about being an artist as a career in my 20s while living in Washington, DC. Having so many free art museums, my favorite is the Hirschhorn, and 1000s of galleries all within walking distance from my Dupont Circle brownstone fueled my passion and opened my mind to the endless universe we call "art". In 2005 I opened an art gallery of my own in Plam Coast, FL, named Arte de Palm in The European Village complex. Unfortunately, the collapse of the housing boom and the financial crises in 2009 was too much for the business to handle. People weren't buying $25K paintings anymore.

Today I continue to paint, draw, do relief prints and experiment in a myriad of medium and styles. I can't say that I am anywhere near a great artist, but I know a lot about art and the breadth of knowledge and interests I have spread across a vast array in the art world. I am very knowledgeable and I have a BS from Penn State University and an MA from George Washington University as well.

I have my own Atelier (art studio) in my home in Feather Sound, Clearwater. Stocked with material and perfect for a one-on-one classroom environment.

My teaching style is to bring you closer to your unique passion and style. My belief is that all humans are artists; it is an innate ability and quality we are given - it is what makes us human. Yet the majority of people don't pursue becoming an artist, per se, unless of course the definition of "art" is expanded.

If you are seeking classes in art, then you probably have been told by someone that you have talent and you want to go further with your passion. Maybe you "know" you are an artist but you have been given the "naysayer" lines about how there is no money in it, there are so many artists, and my favorite, all the famous artists died broke and were crazy.

None of this matters to me. You appreciate beauty, the human experience and the unparalleled joy that comes from looking at something and saying, "I made that!" It is priceless. There is no doubt amongst the medical community that doing something artistic is extremely healthy for your mind, body, and spirit.

So let's work together and find your style and bring the passion out of you. Whether you are seeking a new hobby or planning to sell your work, I can help you find your voice and point you in the right direction.

Let's have fun...

I just love working on something and losing myself, not knowing what time it is and not really knowing exactly what the outcome is going to be. Just being free to create. I always work on projects that I would put in my own home. I am always creating something I want to own, not what I think someone else would want to purchase, what is "hot" in the market. So from start to end, it is 100% mine. That is a type of freedom that can't be bought or sold.


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    Lisa M.

    Matt is very knowledgeable and fun to work with. He knew exactly how to help me find what I wanted to create and get better at doing.
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    June 19, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    My process is simple:

    1) Why are you taking art lessons? Was it your decision? Or did someone suggest it to you? Is this for a career? For hobby? For a skill to share (e.g., scrapbooking or making gifts)? 

    2) What is your experience level? Have you taken courses previously? Have you been to museums? Basically, what is your relationship with art? 

    3) What are your primary goals?

    4) What is your favorite art, artists, etc... Is the art you love the art you would love to create (replicate)? 

    5) Send me, bring me samples/examples of your work, art, and artists you like. Anything you can share about what inspires you would be warmly received. I am not going to critique your work, that is not my intention or purpose. If anything, it is quite possible I may see your work and deem it far and above anything I can possibly serve to improve and suggest you seek out much more advanced educational sources. My lessons are for beginners or near-beginners and what I bring is a broad scale of knowledge from not only being an artist and photographer but also as having been an art gallery owner and a professional photographer. You are spending your hard earned money and the primary objective is for you to make your life experience fuller. There is no better way to experience MINDFULNESS and flow than through art.  

    6) What are your other interests?

    Art is generally innate, self-taught and hours and hours of trial and error and practice. I think of myself as a guide, an advisor of sorts to guide you through the discovery process of seeking your passion and discovering what your best aptitudes are and developing the artist mindset. As well as providing materials and teaching technique and all of that good stuff. Though I am not a licensed therapist, art is therapy and I consider myself a teacher of how to develop a skill that will improve your life and give you a skill that you will have to supplement the complex world we live in now that is geared towards instant gratification. Being an artist is a personal experience that is a process of discovery. Living in the moment. And being at one with oneself and the world in which we live. 

    BS, Penn State University

    MA, George Washington University

    I have been studying art in depth and breadth for nearly 3 decades. 

    I lived in Washington, DC for nearly 10 years and frequented the art museums in our nation's capital, going to every featured artist and exhibition possible. I also did a three-month museum tour of Western Europe and have traveled extensively. I am a former art gallery owner and know the art industry very well. 

    Varies for painting, photography, computer skills, etc...

    ========> Generally Speaking:

    I need to cover my costs for materials and my time as well as any additional materials or preparation for each student. I offer food, drink, bathroom, field trips, books, supplies etc.  Since every class is custom tailored for each individual, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact figure.

    For photography, I charge $50/hr. ($75/hour if Photoshop classes are requested). Additional fees for extras... Please let me know beforehand what equipment you have.

    For painting, I charge $100/hour, which includes the above. Extra-ordinary expenses I would have to charge extra for, but I am not looking to make a profit on what is necessary for you to learn, so these charges would be at or near cost to me.  

    I am not trying to make a living teaching art. I just love sharing my experience and knowledge and love to see people discover themselves through art. But I do have to charge for the opportunity cost of my time, my facilities and the cost of any supplies or extras I provide to my students.

    I was a teaching assistant, T.A., in graduate school and my mother is a teacher. I have always had the propensity to share what I have learned with anyone. I am a lifetime student and I am always on a mission to instill in someone else a virtue of a lifetime search for knowledge. 

    Please be honest about your skill level. This isn't a contest. If you have a skill, such as illustration but want to learn how to paint, please let me know. Let me know about all of your skills ahead of time so that I can decide if I am the right teacher for you. I am not trying to make a living teaching art. I just love sharing my experience and knowledge and love to see people discover themselves through art. 

    I am a teacher for the beginner or the person in the discovery stage, whether in High School deciding if art is something they want to pursue in college. Or someone looking to develop a new hobby. Or someone just wanting to paint. A doodler who wants to kick it up a notch. Etc... 

    For me, this is for fun and I provide a platform to move further along. If you are already "further along", then I may not be the teacher for you unless you want a place to paint and someone to bounce ideas with. I can do that and charge less for my time.  

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