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13 days ago
More information needed for pricing


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19 minutes ago

More information needed for pricing

HELLO Bonnie... when can we have a quick phone call to discuss your needs?

Text 1st so I know it's you



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13 minutes ago

Thanks, Pierre. If my wife wants to proceed, she will let you know. I'm encouraging her. -- Paul Morris

Did Bonnie schedule or book with

Hello Samantha.... I am an educational style.of teaching, many questions and opinions are asked and then as you may becomes less anxious and willing to absorb and choose to learn .. we progress.

Best sense is a $150 home visit... I bring some head gear and pads and let her see, witness, feel some face to face scenarios, and also bring / introduce dummy pistol and/or knife.

From there, we do a few more at home.. where she is comfortable...

Once curiosity develops... she'll be on an inviting path to learn and embrace protecting herself, family and home.

I shot IPSC for many years .. and have been on executive and celebrity escort and solo/personal protection and driver.

404.233.8885 text 1st


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13 days ago

Thanks for your response.

A bit lost here, who is Bonnie?

Prefer to call?
Call (818) 516-0641
2 minutes ago

Hello Samantha,

Bonnie is another student that auto populated.


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2 minutes ago

More information needed for pricing

Hello, would love to work with you.

What you are willing to learn can potentially save your life...

Gun safety and accuracy along with Simplified strategic and instinctive home / office defense tactics.... including - actual hand to hand lessons when confronted with a knife, gun, choke hold, wristbgrab, purse grab, hair grab... teach your children how to escape kidnapping.

Become 'StreetWise'.

Environmental and social awareness, real time techniques.

Psychological preparedness for defensive and offensive engagement.

How and when to draw your weapon.... instinctive shooting.

Everyday items that become part of your deadly aresenal.

Find a Carry Weapon that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Learn mulitple pistol scenario techniques, improve your accuracy, practice stronghand and weakhand, learn to shoot around corners, clear a room, store your weapon.... a flashlight, cell phone, paperclip or thumb could save your life.

Text SOS 404.233.8885

Fee schedule:

$35 trip time within 285

$45 trip time outside 285

$45 per 1/2hr.... at your home, office or range... plus range, weapon rental and ammo

Personalized gun training and hand to hand defense scenarios... on range, shooting clubs, on your land... become aware of your surroundings,  how to recognize threat, home defense intrusion, engagement, public defense.. conceal weapon training... defending your family... how to escape. 

You do not need to be a Martial Artist /Expert to defend, to shoot, to escape... 

Text SOS  404.233.8885

I was a timid young man and started learning martial arts, eventually I was invited to learn from mercenaries and contractor service providers..... I am a real estate broker, an actor and a father....... I am always carrying and willing to protect my family, friends and clients.

If you are reading this, you need me.

In today's climate... knowledge is not simply power, knowledge  and training in various environment is tactical advantage...



I am an educational and application style of teaching, many questions and opions are asked and then as you becomes less anxious and willing to absorb and choose to learn .. we progress.

Best sense is a $150 home visit... 1st interview to identify your needs, explore your concerns,... pistol, rifle, hand to hand.... will bring some head gear and pads and you witness, feel some face to face scenarios

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