Jonathan G Keller - Abstract & Surrealism

Jonathan G Keller - Abstract & Surrealism

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Offers online services


Hello my name Jonathan G Keller and I've been doing artwork since I was a child. I had several art studio's in Savannah's historic City Market from 2013 - 2016 but I decided to close when I had a child. Right now I mainly take care of my son however my passion for art remains and I still love to create abstract and surreal artwork. If you are looking for a nontraditional art teacher to learn some basic fundamental painting and how to paint from your imagination I would love to help you learn.

To learn more about me and my artwork please visit my website at There are links on my website for my social media accounts and publication I've been in as well. Thank you for your interest in my artwork.

I love the freedom of painting abstract and surreal artwork. To me there are no rules, no right or wrong way to create, I love to just let the artwork take on a life of its own.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I like to first see the students abilities and then work on whatever they would like to work on.  I do not paint realism.  I am purely an abstract and surrealism artist who paints from my mind.  Sometimes I do reference things for my artwork however I do not paint them as they appear.  To be honest I am not good at realism so I would recommend someone else if you're interested in that style of painting.

I am a self taught artist who's had some great mentors along the way.  They helped me learn many things to become a better artist.  I'm also involved in the local art community and have many art connection in Savannah.  I like to introduce people to the local art community and some of the internationally known artists we have in Savannah, if they're in town.

I'm open to teaching and I don't have a set price point.  I would probably do some free lessons to see how you like my style and if it's a good fit for you.  Then we can talk about price, I'm always willing to work with people on price.  The most important thing to me is that you are learning something new and enjoying yourself.  

I haven't taught a lot people and it's not something I've really had interest in.  Though I have taught some people a few basic things that helped them which made me feel good.  I really don't consider myself an art teacher, I'm an artist at heart.  However I like helping people learn and I think I could help steer you in the right direction whether with me or someone else.

I've mainly worked with other artists and helped them build upon the knowledge they already know.  I've also worked with a few children helping them learn how to blend colors, create composition, and learn how to properly use acrylic paint.

I am a big supporter of the fight to end sexual assault.  I like to work with the Savannah RCC and I create artwork for them to help raise funds to end these horrible crimes.  My artwork is about positivity and growth.  To me sexual assault is an abominations and if I can do anything to help I do.

If you want a nontraditional teacher to help you learn basic acrylic painting techniques and think outside the box I might be a good fit.  There are definitely more knowledgeable and talented art teacher than me and honestly you might outgrow me and need to go with one of them.  However if you know little to nothing about art I know a good amount of things to teach you.  Besides just learning how to paint I can also introduce you to a lot of artists and show you the business side of the art world.  I definitely know about the business side of art and I will be very straight forward.  

They should consider what type of artwork they want to create, their current knowledge of art, and what type of teacher they want to learn from.  I would suggest trying a few different teachers and see who's the best fit.

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