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Offers online services


German (native speaker) Language Tutor/Coach

I am a German native familiar with various languages and cultures, and I understand your difficulties when learning another language. I have lived in three different countries for extended periods and have taught countless students from all over the world and at various ages (8-85). I have lived in the U.S. for over twenty years and teach most classes online.

My teaching focuses on my student's strengths and reasons for learning. I am passionate about the German language and will engage any curious or dedicated student with a personalized curriculum and an eclectic mix of perspectives and experiences.

After completing my formal education as an interpreter/translator in Munich, Germany, I moved to Austria and worked for the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. In 1999, I married an American citizen and have since lived in the United States. I have worked in both international and local government and the corporate world and have many years of experience as a private German and English (ESL/EFL) tutor. Since 2014, I have been following my childhood dream of teaching full-time.

I would love to help you achieve your German language goals. Please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a lesson or free consultation.


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14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

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Conversational proficiency, Full professional fluency, Native / bilingual fluency

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    rachel W.

    I have taken German lessons from the Goethe Institute and university courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. Ursula far surpasses any teacher I have worked with! Its not just the fact that she genuinely cares for her students and comes to each lesson well prepared, its also that she sets a high bar and pushes you to become the very best language learner you can be. Here are a few examples: 1. Most language teachers let minor errors with prepositions, case, and adjective endings slide. Ursula makes sure that you notice when you are repeatedly making a mistake, which is helpful for nipping bad habits in the bud and for training your ear to pick up the nuances of the language. 2. Most teachers give you a set list from which to memorize vocabulary, then quiz you on it later. Ursula keeps you motivated with regular assessments, but diversifies her questions beyond a given list so that you have to use your creative abilities and your existing knowledge to guess your way to the answer. This has enormous value for learning new phrases and making them a meaningful part of your working vocabulary. You also learn lots of synonyms in the process, and learn to differentiate them from each other in a way that rote memorization cannot achieve on its own. 3. Ursula tailors her teaching strategies to her students unique needs and learning styles. My lessons are structured around a test prep book, but we also make time to discuss essays, presentations, and even email drafts that Ive written and would like to edit. These lessons require advance preparation, but whenever Im swamped with a busy schedule, Ursula steps in with a lesson plan that keeps me learning and immersed in the language. Once, when I was moving apartments, Ursula needed no prompting and designed a whole lesson on negation (a weak point for me), complete with a presentation of key ideas, practice sentences, and exercises to work on afterwards. Im so grateful for the level of care and forethought that goes into each of our lessons. Cant recommend Ursula more highly—Im thrilled to be working with her.
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    January 13, 2024

    Frequently asked questions

    We establish goals in our first lesson and assess prior knowledge (if any). Then, we determine how to best go about achieving these goals. This process may vary depending on student input. My classes are very individualized.
    After completing my secondary education in Germany with English and music as majors, I attended the Fremdspracheninstitut der Landeshaupstadt München to become a translator/interpreter (German, English, Spanish). I strive to continually improve my instruction with fresh ideas and regularly participate in relevant training opportunities. I offer an exciting mix of work-life experience.
    Individual standard classes are $48, but you can purchase various packages at a discount. My standard classes are at least 55 minutes, but I also offer 90-minute/120-minute classes at reduced prices. If you have a family member, friend, colleague, or other acquaintance, I offer discounts for group classes, classes (even groups of 2 students).
    My childhood dream was to become a math teacher. I started gaining my initial experience in first grade. However, I changed my mind while studying calculus and developed a love for languages instead. It seemed only natural to want to help others develop this same love. Once I completed my secondary education, I studied to be an interpreter/translator. Then I worked in many well-known organizations and corporations (e.g., BMW Motor Company, Siemens, The United Nation's International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, and the State of Arkansas). In 2014, after a significant change in my personal life, I finally decided to follow my dream and teach German and English as foreign languages. I have had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and many different cultures. I have greatly enjoyed becoming a part of their language-learning experience.
    I am currently working with students from 8-85 from various backgrounds and nationalities.
    What have I done so far to achieve my learning goals? What methods and materials have I used (if any), and which ones were most effective? What are my exact learning goals (short-term, medium-term, and long-term)? Am I able to schedule regular times for my lessons, and how many per week? How much time can I dedicate to my studies between lessons? How can I best describe what I am looking for in a teacher/tutor?

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