National School Of Baseball & Softball, L.L.P.

National School Of Baseball & Softball, L.L.P.

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All of our teachings are based on Biomechanic - pure science. The laws of physics applied to the human body. For a player that means learning how to use the entire body to pitch, hit and field. The basis is arm safety FIRST. By doing specific drills (takes one thousand perfect reps to create or break a habit. takes 10,000 pefect reps to make something automatic) over and over the mechanics are created through muscle memory. This goes to every facet of the game. Our successes speak for themselves. Just check out or Raves and Reviews on our web site. I am certifed in biomechanics and continue to study techniques such as Human Kinetics and the Kinetic Change. I am also an IHSA certified coach and IHSA State Certified.

This what I was born to do. My success comes from expert knowledge and an ability to not only connect with each student, but successfully teach in a way they understand. Our motto is: Educate, Demonstratec, Motive, Create: Dominant Longevity. This how we teach. We don't just tell the student to do something. We tell them we explain and demonstrate the hows and whys. Our approach is always positive. I have been called the "Pitcher Whisperer" because I never raise my voice. I have videos showing how quiet I am. This how I connect with the student. Each student also has a voice. They can and do ask questions. The cages and baseball field is my sanctuary! It is what makes me breathe. I love what I do!!


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Outfield, Infield, Pitcher, Catcher

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2 – 5 years, 5 – 7 years, 7+ years

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11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old

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Batting, Pitching, Fielding, Catching

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    Craig C.

    Pete has done an incredible job in a short time with my son. My son, 8, has shown tremendous growth, consistency, confidence and a new level of respect and love of the game. Pete is an excellent instructor and does a great job of investing in his students.
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    August 28, 2018
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    Rafael O.

    My son was 13 years old when he first heard Coach Pete speak at a seminar. He picked up a fe things about pithing movements towards the plate and tried the movement and threw a 6 inning no hitter at a tournament in Wisconsin. We were both sold and started Biometric Pitching lesson. He is 15 years old now and a freshman in HS and was clocked at 80mph a week ago! Not bad from where he started at 62mph Thanks Peter Cimino for validating the lessons and $$$$
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    August 09, 2018


    Cathy C.

    Thanks for all your gret teaching! You spend a lot of time & have a lot of patience with all the students. The method really works & is not destroying their arms. Ryan enjoys the lessons. Thanks, Pete!!
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    August 09, 2018


    TJ D.

    Dude... youre not a pain at all... I really appreciate your time and dedication... teaching is one thing, but the boys can tell that you care and thats what makes the difference
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    August 09, 2018


    Sean G.

    Thaank you so much for the pitching lessons. I am training with the Schaumburg Flyers and my coach who was an ex triple AAA player said my pitching was outstanding and I have nothing to work on =)
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    August 09, 2018


    John L.

    Thank you for being a positive coach to Charlie and all kids. Thats an incredible gift man!
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    August 09, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    We follow our motto: Educate, Demonstrate, Motivate, Create.

    With that said, we explain what we teach, how we teach and why we teach it. We explain what biomechanics is and how science plays a huge role in what we do. We take pictures and videos of how students do what they do now as a basis. From there we start to tweak things with detailed explanations as to why we are changing things and what the end result will be. We give drills that are considered homework. The student must take some responsibility in their development, as these drills are crucial to creating the muscle memory needed to create the perfect mechanics we are looking for. We make sure they see some kind of improvement before they leave even the first leson. 

    Cerfified in Biomechanics (laws of physics applied to the human body) or in laymans terms, how to use the entire body to perform, especially in pitching, hitting and throwing. 

    IHSA Certified Coach

    IHSA State Certified

    All pricing is on our web site. We offer packages for differnt types of lessons: Baseball Pitching, Softball Pitching, Hitting, Fielding & Throwing. 

    I coached for a very long time and the feedback I received was incredible and inspiring to me. Baseball is my passion and my gift is the ability to teach in a fun and effective way. I have knack for connecting with my students. I got my start rather innocently. A fellow coach said to me. "Do you have any idea how good you are. You should be making money doing what you do" And that was that. We opened in the fall of 2014 and have been on a tremendous growth pattern ever since. 

    I work with all types of students of all ages from 5 through 21, all with great success. Most of my students are in pitching and hitting. The younger students, who are beginning focus on fielding, catching, throwing and hitting. My older students are more advanced of course. Example for baseball pitching we offer a Velocity Program. 

    One day I was giving lessons, doing a lot of demonstrations and explanations. You could hear a pin drop while I was teaching. After the lesson was over, one of the student's grandmother came up to me and said. "The way you explain it and put it all together, it's like a ballet. I have never seen an instructor teach like that before. You take all the little pieces, put them together and make a whole. To me it is truly like a ballet."

    Another time, after a long lesson I sat down and just talked to an 11 year old student. We just talked about the mental side of the game, how he was doing in in general After the lesson his mother send me a note day, "Sam wanted you to know that the favorite part of the lessons was you just sitting and talking to him."

    Just because an instructor played at a high level, be it college or pro ball, does NOT make them a good teacher of the game. More often than not, they are not good teachers. History tells us the most successful coaches are those that were marginal or not really good players at all. The reason is, they had to study the game, break it down to try and gain any advantage they can. Look for an instructor to TEACHES safe effective mechanics and not only has a passion for the game, but a passion and genuine caring for his students as well as a God Given gift to actually TEACH effectively....with as much positive reinforcement as possible. Any instructor who demonstratively demands things without explanational is not a good teacher. Any instructor who instructs their students by instilling fear and negative reinforcement is not going to get long term results. 

    Where are they now? Where do they want to go? What are their weak links? What type of instructor suits your personality. Is it important to have fun while learning? 

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