"Shooting Star Tutoring"

"Shooting Star Tutoring"

Offers online services
Offers online services


I have been in the tutoring business since 2014 and I have more than 6 years of experience in tutoring both high school and college students. . I enjoy working with students of many ages and backgrounds, and I work hard to provide my students with high-quality education for a very low price.

Essentially, I'm my own boss. I decide how much I get paid, how often I work, and most importantly, how I will help the student achieve the goals they set for themselves in their chosen subject. I like to be flexible, so having no rules to follow means I can adapt my sessions to best fit my students' needs without having to worry about bureaucratic oversight that most of the time just slows me down and punish rather than reward me for the extra effort I put into my work. Plus, I consider the smiles on my students' faces after they tell me they've passed their classes a nice bonus to my normal pay. I wouldn't mind so much not having an actual cash bonus if I can see that my clients are completely satisfied with my service.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    My tutoring style goes as follows. When I am given a new student to work with, I first ask them what subject they need help in as well as what they hope to accomplish in it. Then I asses their strengths and weaknesses in said subject by asking a few appropriate questions. From there, I create a curriculum for getting them to their goals based on their unique methods of learning. For example, if a student learns better through visual aids, then I will includes imagery such as pictures, charts, and maybe even drawings in my sessions to help them better understand how the concept in question works. If the student doesn't like education all that much but likes, say, video games, then I will create a scenario from a game they like that flawlessly incorporates the concept so that they can better relate to it. Essentially, my style is to make learning fun and engaging by getting them involved through as many connections to their abilities and interests as possible. In my experience, students are better able to retain the information they acquire if the way in which they receive it leaves a positive impression on them, so what better way to learn a concept than by making the learning experience fun and engaging? This method has brought me a lot of success as none of my 50+ students I've had over the 6 year period received a grade lower than a B (and 9 out of every 10 of them have scored an A.)

    Well, my highest level of education as of today (May 21st, 2020) is as a college junoir. I currently hold a 3.5+ GPA, but I used to hold a 4.0 during my first year of college. My favorite subjects are math, reading, and science, so I am naturally able to tutor in most classes within these core subjects.

    My price goes as follows:

         My rate is very affordable, but it will vary depending on the location of the session. If I am tutoring within the city of Chicago, my in-person rate is only $20/hour (and it applies to all online sessions regardless of distance.) If I'm tutoring outside of Chicago up to a distance of 20 miles, my in-person rate increases slightly to $25/hour. If the situation for the client involved is dire, I am willing to travel up to 40 miles for an in-person session instead; however, in this case, they will need to reach an agreement with me on a new rate higher than $25/hour before the start of said session. As shown in the previous sentences, my rate is much cheaper, both in money and in effort, for online lessons, so I highly recommend to anyone who's interested in my services to consider online tutoring before asking for in-person tutoring. In addition, I offer typed or handwritten worksheets and study guides for any particular subject or concept at no additional charge, and I have a credit system where in the event that I am paid more than what I am owed, my client(s) may use the excess funds as credit towards their next session if they so choose.

    I began my job as a tutor in January 2014. I was 18 at the time, and I originally started tutoring as merely a source of income but as I worked more and more with my students, the more I came to realize that it was more than just a job. It was a method of becoming that which I never had (but wish I had) as a teen: a mentor. I struggled a lot with my classes during my high school years and reflecting on that now while I hold a 4.0 college GPA, I realized that I always had the potential to succeed in school and in life. I just needed someone other than my parents to guide to where I wanted to be. Once the epiphany hit me, I understood why I liked the job so much. As a man who firmly believes that knowledge is power, tutoring enables me to both empower and unlock the full potential... and seeing the smiles of my fellow students after learning they passed their classes confirms this notion to me. I loved the job ever since.

    I work with a wide variety of student but in general, I mostly cater my tutoring services to junoir high school (6th, 7th, and 8th grade), high school, and college students. A lot of my students come from backgrounds where, like me, they come from poor and/or non-English speaking families and are struggling to succeed in school. A lot of them relate to me their experiences in school as mine are very similar, and so while my sessions are always effective regardless of my client's background, I find that they are especially effective on this particular group of students. As for students with disabilities, I also have experience in tutoring students who suffer from ADHD.

    Primarily, you should look for a teacher who is not only good for your budget, but is also friendly and eager to tutor. However, when it comes to finding one in the field of chemistry, there are other factors that you need to consider. The most important ones are (1) seriousness, (2) thoroughness, and (3) flexibility. If the teacher that you have in mind for tutoring shows signs that they're not really interested in teaching you (avoiding eye contact, making errors frequently when it comes to the subject content, not excusing himself/herself when an interruption occurs, etc.), it's most likely because they're not taking the tutoring session seriously. Let's say that he/she is taking the job seriously, but you're still struggling to understand the concept they're trying to teach you. If they're not trying other ways in getting you to understand this concepts, chances are they either don't know the concept as well as they say they do (i.e. they haven't studied thoroughly enough) or they won't do it unless you pay them extra (i.e. they are incapable of being flexible with their teachings.) As a man who takes his job seriously, such qualities are unacceptable from a professional educator. If you're experiencing any of these things from the teacher you chose, I strongly recommend that you dump him/her for someone that, like me, genuinely cares about making sure your tutoring sessions are worth every penny you paid for them.

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