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I tailor my curriculum to the individual technical and conceptual needs of each student that I work with during a given instructional cycle. I think it is critical to immediately expose a student to the importance of the work being created by artists, designers, writers and hybrid creatives who are producing now. Then I chronologically work backwards. After an initial introductory session, I can usually map out a course of study for the student if they provide me some examples of what they are currently working. I believe in personal research paired with daily practice. One of my strengths lie in portfolio development and reviewing, and I have conducted regional and national workshops for both students and teachers for 2 decades. I am an expert in assisting a student edit, arrange and establish continuity with their creative output.

I am very immersed in the arts and completely invested in the students I work with who are passionate about pursuing a creative pathway or for those interested in figuring out how tell their own personal story. Drawing is the most ancient form of human communication and has always played a significant part in our society. "Creativity is the Currency of Our Times." The most wonderful part of teaching art is when you witness a student stumble upon own their story and how to tell it as an artist. When a student artist begins to establish their own personal vision and voice, EVERYTHING becomes a possibility for them!


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    Frequently asked questions

    I am most interested in a student's ideas and personal goals. I never worry about technical skill. I try and locate the story that the student wants to tell. What they are most interested in is what drives the materials and medium of exploration. When I first meet, talk or email a student, I always ask to see sketches or a sketchbook. If a student does not have any work to show, I ask them to write me what they want their work to be about and what they enjoy looking at as a potential emerging creative.

    I have a BFA from Herron School of Art & Design and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. I have been involved in Higher Education for 22 years and have worked at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, DePaul University (Game Arts department), California College of the Arts, Kansas City Art Institute of Art, and the New Hampshire Institue of Art. Since 19 years old, I have been in an art school environment and now I just turned 50. I'm a lifer. I currently teach Drawing and also Comics/ Graphic Novels at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

    A typical payment system for NASAD faculty is 50.00 per hour, but I can negotiate payment, especially if the student is from a low income rural or urban setting. 

    As a career, I have been working with propsepective art students and young, emerging artists, designer & writers since 1996. I began teaching art at the Indianapolis Children's Museum when I was a Junior in college in 1993.

    I have worked with students at almost every grade level. Ranging from Middle School, High School, Undergraduate and Graduate levels. I have also worked with students from all over the world, from almost every state in the United States to students in Korea, China, the Middle East and Europe.

    The Final Exhibition for my Fall 2018 Early College Program students was an amazing experience for them, as well as myself. They curated and hung their own work in a dedicated critique space at SAIC and invited family and guests to see what they did during the intensive semester. It was wonderful to speak with their parents and find out how seriously they took my instruction. 

    1.) Have a some ideas on what you want to get out of your teacher. 2.) Be open to feedback 3.) Be willing to experiment and try new things. 4.) Try and show or send some of your most recent work or at least sketches or photos. 5.) Make sure that you have dedicated time to talk or email at least once a week. 6.) Carve out time once a day to draw or make art and try and do this at the same time, everyday. 7.) Tell your teacher what inspires you, could be music, other artists, video games, movies, television, comic books, etc.

    1.) What is do I want to do with my art? 2.) Why do I like to make art? 3.) What do you need help with? 4.) How much time do I spend making art a week? 5.) Who and/or what inspires me? 6.) What do I like to use to make art with? 7.) Do I go to museums and/or local galleries? 8.) What else am in interested in besides art?

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