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Offers online services
Offers online services


Standing the test of time as a high end professional photographer for 35 years I’ve learned to change, adapt, persevere and be much more than a starving artist. Helping others find their passions and market and sell with perseverance is what I love to do.

I started out after my bachelors degree in photography and art to working for 6 years with the high end portrait company learning the business.

I opened The Kelly Gallery Inc. 29 years ago in 1990. My portrait business caters to the affluent market in Kansas City. Creating artwork at my personally designed 10 acres garden oasis, we also provide portrait and wedding photography on the grounds as well as overnight carriage houses rentals. The Gardens were designed as backgrounds for portraits as artwork for homes all across the United States.

My focus has been on the outdoors. I also market and create my life to support all my passions such as becoming a Forest Therapy Guide . I am certified in Wilderness First Aid.I facilitate photography and art classesa anature programs for children. I created and designed a 10 acre garden oasis for my photographic art of families as well acreated the Celebration of Love for special needs people after being inspired by my sister Lori, who has downs syndrome. I also started the Blue River Forest Nature Sanctuary, a non profit for nature camps and programs. I also have a passion for photographing and helping indigenous people world wide, especially Native American reservations in the United stars. My great grandmother was Ioway and born on the White Cloud reservation in Nebraska. AREAS OF THE WORLD PHOTOGRAPHED

Photographed bushman in Botswana with Trackers International

Anima in Ibiza Spain. A gathering of indigenous leaders world wide for peace.

Water Protectors in Standing Rock South Dakota with images going viral around the world .

Indigenous people of Peru for the Lodges of Peru. Indigenous Mayans of Belize for Coyote Trails School of Nature.

Powwows including White Cloud Kansas where my grandmother was born.

I recorded while riding a horse for 9 days, the Chief Big Foot memorial Ride to Wounded Knee.

I recorded and Apprenticed with a Native American Medicine woman for a year.

An instructor at Coyote Trails School of Nature, a Wilderness School in Oregon based on indigenous skills.

Teach creative awareness in nature photograph


I'm a creative people photographer. My first job Is to connect with people and help them feel good about being in front of a camera. I combine this with creative attention to background and specialize in outdoor, on location work. I perform magic with children, connecting with them and recording images of them with clients testimonials on images that no one else has been able to achieve.

I genuinely feel love for people before they come into my space. I Love them into being. I love their uniqueness, shyness, grumpiness and joy. I bring out their inner laughter and have a passion for recording their true expressions and real feelings . They always say that the way the subject feels about the photographer is projected through the image so it's important to like the person who is recording you. I also like to let people be natural and not notice I'm recording them at all. I feel out the situation and practice what feels best in any given setting.


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Offers online services

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Ben D.

Kellys energy is amazing. She makes every one smile and laugh just by her being her Self. The land is beautiful and sacred as well. You’ll love the whole experience!
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March 23, 2019

Carita W.

She is entertaining, professional and a very likable instructor. If you are interested in a comfortable learning experience, this is a great opportunity.
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March 23, 2019

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